SCINSU helping troubled teen girls with “Second Chance” for Fresh Start

SCINSU has come up with a unique Growing Principles Program that helps troubled teen girls to pull themselves up from depression and suicidal thoughts, discover their passion and work towards a positive future.

La Verkin, UT – September 25, 2017 – Parents worried about their teen daughters struggling with depression or suicidal tendencies can finally heave a sigh of relief. La Verkin-based SCINSU is offering a unique residential treatment program to help at-risk teen queens with a “Second Chance” to start their lives afresh for a positive growth into adulthood. The clinical depression treatment center is committed to guide young women discover their inherent passion and nourish these interests into a meaningful destination.

SCINSU (Second Chances in Southern Utah) has introduced its unique “Growing Principles Program” that focuses on young women suffering from suicidal tendencies and acute depression. The suicide treatment program organization extends treatment for girls between 12 – 18 years of age. In fact, SCINSU is the only depression treatment center that solely works with young girls. 

“It hurts to see promising young women heading south into darkness  when they could have otherwise lived a life of glory. But we are dedicated to change things for them and for better. It’s our mission to uplift struggling teen girls from a grim phase and offer them a ‘Second Chance’ to help them to proceed with a ‘Fresh Start’ and positive temperament. We teach them the significance of keeping an ‘open mind’ where we can cultivate positive fertile soil. It enables us to sow seeds of possibilities in them in regards to their individual passion and interests that further drive them towards a fulfilling and purposeful life”, stated Adam AhQuin, the founder & Executive Director of SCINSU.

“Our teen depression program is customized to the specific needs of each teen queen. We know all teens are different and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t be effective.”

SCINSU’s unique Growing Principles Program works through 4 stages – Plant, Nurture, Grow and Represent.

The first stage (Sapling stage) involves therapeutic work and garden work for the student where she should prove her ability to be a positive influence in SCINSU’s residential family unit.  

The second stage is designed to assist the students develop an Open Mind to discover the interests they are passionate about and would love to pursue them to attain a “purposeful destination”. This stage involves both individual and team chores as well as fun weekly activities to help her practice Self Principles needed to fulfill her passions.

The third stage is about inducing the values and significance of hard work to achieve the things that the student feels strongly about. They would be given real hands-on training  to help them achieve real-time experience in their respective interest areas.

The 4th stage focuses on teaching the students the important principles of positive attitude, integrity and mapping of passion interest so that they can seriously pursue their interests at home and beyond.  

“We are dedicated to show the light in darkness. It’s great to see how our unique program is changing lives daily.”

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