AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival Season II Is Coming, Strong Music Power of hip-hop Blasting The People’s Auditorium

Deafening melody, giant stage, fabulous lights and sound effect, pouring sweat, freed musical nature…Night of 22, September, AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival Season II has its grand opening in the People’s Auditorium-the landmark building of Chongqing! An unprecedented party gloried by popular hip-hop tutors and stars, allowing people in Chongqing to enjoy the most authentic city music festival in their hometown rather than going to first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The music festival held by Chongqing Fabulous Plastic Surgery has hip-hop, popular elements domestically, as its theme and invites dozens of group of domestic celebrated stars, actors, bands and hip-hop Rapper to join the party. In China, we have popular hip-hop tutor Zhang Zhenyue, bohemian and rebelled bass – Gui Bian, member of Karzy family-Hui Zi, talented NONO, and the most influential original bands in Chongqing such as Feeling Good, MOSAIK, Accident-Collision and other popular top-class musicians gathering on the spot to release wild souls face to face.

Rising of Native Music A Musical Journey

On the show on 9.22, shocking stage, fabulous lights and sound effects coordinate with the strong rhythm of Very Percussion Band to stir the audience. The festival unveiled by famous native bands that impressed the audience with their talents and skills in the Orange Music Festival Session I such as MOSAIK, Very Percussion, Feeling Good and Accident-Collision. They live up to their reputations by showing their super music talents and interpret all of their representative works with rock and roll and hip-hop style. The bands take people in Chonqing to a journey of music alone and let them feel the rising of native music groups. Musicians in Chongqing embrace bright and limitless futures!

New Popular Stars of The Rap of China Show on the Stage

No Crazy, No Hip-Hop! The Orange Music Festival Session II attracts hip-hop elements which are popular domestically and hip-hop students to make it glimmering. The popular hip-hop star in QQ music-Hui Zi and popular student representative of The Rap of China shock the audience with cool rapping and positive House rhythm. Accompanied by strong rhythm, they frequently interact with fans with a growing enthusiasm. And the bohemian and rebelled bass – Gui Bian whose voice sounds like with a build-in effector shocks the audience with both his tearing performance of beating the ground and perfectly rhyming lyrics. In the end of the performance, the live battle of Hui Zi and Gui Bian brings the audience into the fierce confrontation of The Rap of China where small climaxes appears one by one and street dance, DJ, scrawl, rap are fully displayed.

Continuous Screaming on the Spot Hip-hop Tutor Zhang Zhenyue explodes the whole audience

The post-80s generation has all been accompanied by songs of Zhang Lunyue in their youth. If there is a singer who can make his music with his developmental history- from purity to rebellion and finally to tenderness, the singer is Zhang Zhenyue. Zhang Zhenyue, the promoter of Chinese hip-hop and ace tutor of hip-hop shows his uncommon aura upon coming on the stage in the end. Fans are extremely excited to shout his name. Zhang Zhenyue performs his classic songs of Missing Is A Kind of Disease, Goodbye, Love Me Don’t Go and Fresh Touch of Love, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to the climax and resonating with the audience to recall youth. Zhang Zhenyue interacts with the audience which activates the live atmosphere!

Perhaps the Best City Music Festival Domestic and Foreign Media Speak Highly of Orange Music Festival II

From 2016 Orange Music Festival Session I to 2017 Orange Music Festival Session II, AS BEAUT has been dedicating in forging the most fashionable and cutting-edge city music festival and the most specialized annual city music festival in Chongqing for two years. Attracting hot hip-hop musical elements is the original intention of the Orange Music Festival to pursue diversified development.

The hot annual music festival attracts three thousand people, live coverage of one million people, to seize the day and repeatedly broadcast the first list! Not only that, but also attracts hundreds of domestic and foreign media to compete to report such as moring news, Fox news, NetEase, Tencent, Sohu and other web portals. AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival gains high appreciation of domestic and foreign media with its excellent atmosphere, high-standard performance and magnificent lights on the stage which probably make it the best city music festival.

The 14th Anniversary of AS BEAUT The American Aesthetic leads Medical Beauty Fashion

Chongqing Fabulous Plastic Surgery——AS BEAUT, set up in 2003. It has served masses of beauty pursuers for 14 years. During the past 14 years, AS BEAUT adhered to standards of the top-class plastic surgery institutions to configure its hardware facilities. It introduced a series of cutting-edge medical equipment internationally and inclusively introduced American Barbie aesthetic design system. It refers to Barbie aesthetic parameters to lead in the global fashion front. It is the only institution in Chongqing owning American full line of products and, at the same time, is the first institution to launch warranties in the Chinese plastic surgery field to provide quality assurance for customers. The institution lets you enjoy beauty without worries!

Fourteen-year’s quality and friendship. For 14 years, AS BEAUT has been pursuing the perfect and keeping refining. Depending on top-class services, refining technologies and rigorous attitudes, the Fabulous established a good reputation in surgery business and earned trusts from hundreds of thousands of beauty pursuers to whom it has provide amazing changes.

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