US Based Jewelry Wholesaler – FashionTIY Announces To Offer Free Drop Shipping Of Fashion Jewelry

FashionTIY allows jewelry retailers to run their business at zero cost by offering them the drop shipping service of fashion jewelry at their locations.

Today, fashionable jewelry products are one of the most purchased items among women around the world and jewelry retailers can benefit hugely from this emerging trend. For all jewelry retailers, FashionTIY is now offering a profitable business proposition where trendy jewelries and accessories will be shipped to them at factory prices. A retailer  need not maintain a stock and thus can start a business at a zero cost.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they have a large range of fashion jewelry in their stock which is popular among customers across the world. The jewelry collection includes fashionable bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, earrings, hair jewelry, jewelry sets and lots more. All these products are highly stylish, featuring different styles such as Vintage, Retro Style, Bohemian style and ethnic style. With such huge choices, a retailer can effectively meet the requirements of their customers in their local markets.

US Based Jewelry Wholesaler - FashionTIY Announces To Offer Free Drop Shipping Of Fashion Jewelry

Besides retailers, a small or mid-size jewelry wholesaler can also procure jewelry items from FashionTIY and can rest assured of cost benefits. The company sells all jewelry pieces at factory prices and maintains a 30-day free after-sales service for all drop shipped products. If there is any damage or defect in the shipped products, the retailer can intimate the issue within 30 days, and they will reship the products at free cost. According to the spokesperson, this helps in building a trust between both parties and also ensures profits for the retailer or the wholesaler who buys products from them.

The spokesperson reveals that their drop shipping model has been designed to benefit all jewelry retailers and wholesalers, irrespective of their business size and locality. They can ship mixed jewelry items, allowing a retailer to buy a bunch of products for their store to keep running their business at a small cost. A jewelry retailer can check the entire jewelry collection and can also learn more about their dropshipping policy by visiting the website

About  FashionTIY, Inc

FashionTIY, Inc provides dropshipping services as for their fashion jewelry. Their dropshipping model successfully helps global small and medium-sized wholesalers and retailers in realizing zero-stock cost operation. FashionTIY provides a 30-day free after-sales service period. That is to say, in case of any quality issue such as product damages or defects due to the shipping, FashionTIY will re-ship the goods upon receiving the evidence of the damage in order to ensure profits of both parties.

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