Woman Entrepreneur Launches Organic Hair and Skin Care Line

Science and Technology Background Promotes Entrepreneurship in Family Business.

Midori Family announces the launch of their organic hair and skin care products.

The business consists of a family of scientists and engineering entrepreneurs who have taken it upon themselves to excel in science and technology by bringing premium quality products to the public.

“We are pleased to introduce our organic hair products and organic skin care line,” stated Rose, Midori Family CEO, “We advocate women entrepreneurs and would like to encourage women to become involved in science and technology just like we have”. For instance, Rose, working as a Senior Chemical Engineer in several fields of the industry provided her with diverse experience to fearlessly become an entrepreneur. It gave her the knowledge to make a difference by changing things that she knew could be done better than products currently available in the market. “We are passionate about providing better natural, organic skin and hair products. We also love that it tests our creativity through the unique combinations of ingredients that are not readily available. Our business is family owned and majority ownership is female.  We promote the entrepreneurial spirit and are thrilled that our premium skin and hair line is already being well received.”

Midori Family uses natural, certified organic ingredients sourced from natural farms, non-gmo, and fair trade ingredients. Midori Family purchases raw materials that use green chemistry principles. For instance, one of Midori Family raw materials produces only water as a byproduct with no solvents or petrochemicals used in the manufacturing process. It is completely non-toxic to humans and the environment. Renewability, biodegradability, recycling, and sustainability is paramount to Midori Family in their process streams. Midori Family natural and organic hair product line includes organic hair shampoo bars, organic hair oil, natural conditioners made with certified organic ingredients. They provide an organic hair growth solution.

Midori Family skin care line includes organic oils, organic bars, balms, and butters.

Examples of Midori Family skin care products include organic face & body oil, organic stretch mark oil, organic soaps, and several balms etc. They also have the Magnificent Collection hair and skin line. The bars in this collection consist of premium oils having up to 17 certified organic oils for hair and skin care!

Midori Family business began when Rose researched several better options for hair and skin products. She was disappointed by many of the ingredients listed in the products she researched. After witnessing the negative impact of harsh chemicals used in skin and hair care products, she grew tired of seeing these negative and debilitating reactions and sought out better solutions.

“Women go to great efforts to look beautiful, from relaxing their hair, to chemically changing appearance, colors, and shapes. For a long time, we as women haven’t taken a close look at the components of the products as long as they delivered the result we desired. Many times, these products do nothing but produce harmful effects.  The rising trend of cancer cases prompted us to look closer at what we were using in our everyday lives. We provide products that perform better while promoting a safer and more natural alternative”, stated Rose.  

In addition to the Midori Family mission to empower women entrepreneurs and bring organic hair products and skin products to the public, the Midori Family business’ mission is to help others as well.  They take part in worthwhile international causes such as promoting women’s betterment in communities and support organic farming. Midori Family also donates to help pets like Puppy Up Foundation located in the United States, through their sister company “Midoricide”, which helps pets and people fight cancer.  They are also currently working with a non-profit organization to donate a portion of sales in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Find out more about Midori Family and their stance to empower women entrepreneurs and their many other causes. Check out their organic hair products and organic skin line, visit the Midori Family website. Midori Family organic products are currently available for skin and hair care.

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