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HCGInjectionsOnline.net which was created to provide people with the best information about resources for the HCG diet plan is pleased to announce their new partnership. The company is now the ONLY certified partner with Rejuvi Medical on the internet, This allows us access to ‘rock bottom’ pricing. There is no better deal, including Rejuvi direct. We have looked at all other offers from various websites and this will give you the absolute lowest price for Rejuvi Medical HCG.

Those looking for real HCG shots online have been struggling, spending hours trying to find a trustworthy supplier. It is important when making a purchase it is important to find the origin of the product as purchasing fake medical products could cause serious side affects and pose a serious health risk.

This new important partnership means customers can now order and buy with confidence HCG Injections online. The products that are available are genuine and come from a trustworthy source. Through becoming a partner with Rejuvi Medical, all products are guaranteed. When customers make an order, they will receive free shipping on their orders.

A spokesman for HCGInjectionsOnline.com said: “We are delighted to announce that we have become a certified partner with Rejuvi Medical who is a trustworthy source where our customers can order genuine HCG Injections along with all necessary supplies.”

What does an hCG Injection Package include?

In one package, customers will receive either 25+ or 50+ day supply of hCG injections based on their preferences. HCGInjectionsOnline.net offer the best price for HCG Injections online, which also includes:

•    Prescription for hCG shots

•    Supplies needed for mixing and injecting the medication

•    hCG Diet Manual with all the required steps to follow to gain maximal weight loss effect

•    Food and Weight Logs

•    Personal hCG Diet Coach, who will advise the customer on how to overcome difficult moments and achieve total weight control success

Special Discount

Apart from all the benefits offered when ordering this product from HCGInjectionsOnline, the website also generously provides:

•    Exclusive $60 discount on the 30+ day kit

•    Exclusive $210 discount on the 50+ day kit

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