Handcrafted Leather Sandals From the Holy Land

Jerusalem, West Bank – Sandals are a forever fad that everyone from every culture wears. Whether it’s for recreational wear or business casual, they can be worn for any occasion. However, while many pairs of sandals fall apart easily, Sndal’s handcrafted leather shoes will not. Their high-quality leather sandals are created to provide unique fashion and lasting comfort. Crafted from the holy land, where Jesus sandals originated from, Sndal’s has the most impressive selection, becoming the number one sandal company across the globe. Their unique mission and purpose lie within the craft of the sandal; a sandal everyone deserves.

Sndal’s specifically specializes in design to create the type of sandal everyone deserves, one that provides style, comfort, and durability. They believe in creating the sandal to be exactly as it was created for, with the type of support sandals were originally made have! Sandals in the Holy Land used to be worn to walk hundreds of miles; Sndal wants to deliver the same quality but with style. Following the current trends in the sandal industry, people all over Europe and the USA are buying their products. Offering a plethora of styles, sizes, and colors, their sandal selection is most impressive.

Sandals are supposed to be made to last, however many companies fail to do deliver that in their shoes. Almost everyone has experienced a sandal breaking while walking, it’s not a pleasant experience! In fact, many individuals experience severe discomfort from certain types of sandal companies. Without the proper support, people can suffer from back, joint, or foot pain. The style isn’t everything. However, many individuals need to be careful because many sandal manufactures only care about making money and not quality and support. In the end, a sandal that doesn’t provide support, or lasts a month before breaking is a complete waste of money.

Sndal is a sandal manufacture buyers can trust. Their sandals are individually handcrafted with high-quality and durable leather. These type of sandals are hard to find in any store or online website because they can be only found from Sndal. Driven by their passion deliver comfort, support, durability, and quality, they have created the ultimate source for fashionable sandals for everyone. Shipping worldwide, anyone can have their own hand-crafted leather Sndal. Changing the ways of the sandal market, they are the only shoe company everyone deserves.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sndal
Contact Person: Yousef Zatari
Phone: 00970595321095
City: Jerusalem
State: West Bank Palestine
Country: Palestinian Territories
Website: https://www.sndal.com/