Worker Productivity Could Be Improved More By Clean Air Than By Training Courses

Dallas, TX – Companies are constantly looking for ways to achieve economies of scale, to improve staff productivity with the ultimate aim of increasing profits. The perceived wisdom is that to improve productivity; it is important to invest in staff education programs, to provide on the job training, or to purchase expensive new equipment capable of producing products quicker.

Although these tactics will certainly have an impact, scientific researchers have discovered a link between clean air and improved productivity. Simply put, when pollution levels increase, physical workers productive capacity is reduced. Further research by the Harvard Center for Health and The Global Environment found that poor indoor equality can affect our capacity to think, reason and problem solve.

Although it might seem that this means an expensive investment in new HVAC systems the reality could be much different. The first thing to do is ensure that you have changed the filters on your HVAC system at least in line with the manufacturer recommendations. A quick search on the internet found the filters are not expensive to buy, nor difficult to change.

The next thing to do is simply ensure that your HVAC system is properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Another inexpensive idea for building managers is to research and read as many HVAC blogs as possible as this will assist them in keeping up to date with the latest regulations and technology in the field. The return on investment for ensuring that the air quality within a working environment is not just simply related to productivity. Cleaner air will bring other benefits to an employer, such as better health for themselves, their staff and employees. The best time to have your HVAC system checked is in the fall, as generally speaking that is when the HVAC servicing companies are in their quiet period, and there may be discounts available. Clean air could be the secret weapon business owners have been searching for, and it is also the right and proper thing to do. 

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