Nani Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce HydraSmart Thermal Bottle

Smart drinking on-the-go:  Nani Premium HydraSmart thermal bottle allows hydration at the perfect temperature.  Enjoy favorite beverages at just the optimal temperature throughout the day.

HydraSmart Technology

The Nani Premium HydraSmart thermal bottle uses the latest HydraSmart technology to monitor the temperature of any beverage and displays the results on a high-functionality LED monitor touch screen.  Drink well and go further with the Nani Premium HydraSmart thermal bottle.  Nani makes drinking safe and enjoyable for everyone.  The 500mL HydraSmart comes in four fabulous colors:  cyan, violet, white, or black.  Finding the perfect color is easy. Make it easier to meet your  daily hydration goals with the Nani app.

Savor the Sip

Nani understands how important it is to keep a favorite drink at the perfect temperature throughout the day.  Regular thermal bottles only keep liquids hot or cold for a few hours; but Nani uses the latest HydraSmart temperature-sensing technology that monitors the temperature of any beverage and displays the results on an LED indicator.

The HydraSmart sensor comes equipped with three distinct indicators:

  • OK (green):  Beverage is at a low-acceptable temperature of 0℃ to 36℃.
  • OK (yellow):  Beverage is at a high-acceptable temperature of 37℃ to 60℃.
  • Burning (red):  Beverage is at a potentially scalding temperature of 61℃ to 100℃.

Never get burned again by a drink that is too hot.  In addition, keep your beverages delectable at an ideal temperature for hours.  With the Nani Premium HydraSmart thermal bottle, warm liquids are guaranteed to stay at or above 56℃ for 12 hours and cool liquids stay at or below 11℃ for an amazing 24 hours.

Achieve Hydration Goals

Nani HydraSmart Thermal Bottle helps you achieve your hydration goals and support a healthy lifestyle with 6 key functions:

  • Uses HydraSmart temperature-sensing technology
  • Set timely reminders to stay well hydrated or take medicine
  • Made of food-grade, environmentally-friendly 304 stainless steel
  • Smart Hydration mobile app
  • Clear LED indicator display
  • Hassle-free with a unit that does not require charging

Design Features

The HydraSmart is ergonomically and elegantly designed.  An anti-slip design guarantees a strong grip wherever you go.  The fuss-free and convenient size and design makes the HydraSmart the perfect on-the-go container for any beverage.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $1 to $2580, with rewards ranging from a thank you to a single or multiple HydraSmart thermal bottles, to a VIP package that contains 20 Nani bottles, a bottle of champagne, and a surprise!  See the Indiegogo website for full details.

About Nani HydraSmart Thermal Bottle:  The HydraSmartthermal bottle uses the latest technology to keep liquids at your desired temperature (cold or warm) throughout the day.

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