Pup Alert Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produce Mobile-Smart Dog Temperature Monitor

Pup Alert is a must for pet parents to stay connected and to never miss an opportunity to adventure with their best friend.

A cutting-edge pet safety device in a convenient and stylish design, Pup Alert is a sophisticated mobile-smart temperature monitoring device for dogs.  Pup Alert syncs up with a customizable app to send pet owners real time updates of a dog’s specific temperature needs.  This gives pet owners peace of mind that their pet is being individually monitored and safe at all times.  

Like most people who own dogs, they go everywhere with their pet parents.  For those who travel regularly with their dog’s or for those seeking that extra peace of mind while they are away, Pup Alert monitors a dog’s temperature and sends the results to any smart device via the customizable Pup Alert app.

Pup Alert Technology

Using breed specific technology, Pup alert makes advanced split second decisions as to when notifications concerning a dog’s temperature sensitivities should be received.  The versatile design operates via battery power and is connected to a cellular network.  This allows endless choice of placement and prevents worries concerning WIFI restraints or power outages.  Properly monitor a dog’s surroundings to:

  • Maximize comfort levels
  • Exercise times
  • Adventure preferences
  • Travel safety

Never worry about leaving a pup behind again.  Simply place Pup Alert, connect it, and go.

Pup Alert’s Mission

The Pup Alert team is on a mission to create connected devices and platforms to give pets a voice.  Through innovation and customization, the Pup Alert team wants to help people connect with their best furry friend on a level that eliminates worry, questioning, and doubt.  Gain confidence in knowing that a pet is always happy, healthy, and heard.

Pup Alert Device and App

The Pup Alert device has many well-thought-out design features.

  • Heat related notifications
  • Battery powered
  • Versatile attachment
  • Customizable app
  • Multiple emergency contacts
  • Cold related notifications
  • Cellular network
  • Breed specific technologies

Pup Alert comes with the Pup Alert device, charging cable, and a customizable Pup Alert app that is free to download off iTunes or the Google Play store.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/494605758/pup-alert-mobile-smart-dog-temperature-monitor, offers pledge levels from $5 to $5000, with rewards including everything from a hearty thank you to a Pup Alert Mobile-Smart Dog Temperature Monitor to a day with the Pup Alert creators.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Pup Alert:  Pup Alert is a mobile-smart dog temperature monitoring device that connects pet owners to their pets.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pup Alert
Contact Person: Chelsea Rhoads
Email: chelsea@snowcapinc.com
Phone: 3039032164
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Country: United States
Website: www.kickstarter.com/projects/494605758/pup-alert-mobile-smart-dog-temperature-monitor