Wine & Cheese for Cats! Munchiecat Launches Kickstarter to Produce Catnip Toys for Wine and Cat Lovers

Wine and Cheese Catnip toys:  These plush toys make a great gift for cats and their humans!

Infused with potent catnip and included with crinkle toys and bells, every cat will fall in love with Munchiecat’s Wine and Cheese toys.  Not only a perfect gift for your furry friend, but for the fellow wine and cheese connoisseur. Made with soft minky fabric, the infused potent catnip these cat toys will stimulate your cat’s natural playfulness while satisfying their sophisticated side.

The Wine & Cheese Deluxe Set

Cats love to carry around small toys to simulate prey and large toys for kicking and cuddling.  Providing a wide range of sizes and shapes for a feline friend to choose from, Munchiecat’s Wine and Cheese Deluxe Set offers toys ranging in size from 2” to 8” to give all furry friends a choice of toys depending on their mood.

  • Wine bottles – 8” kicker toy infused with catnip
  • Gouda round – infused with catnip and crinkle
  • Brie wedge – catnip infused
  • Parmesan – catnip infused
  • Figs – catnip infused and crinkle
  • Olives – catnip infused and bell

With a variety of 9 toys to play with at any time, cats will never get bored.

Munchiecat Toys are Beautiful, Simple and Safe

Beginning with a love for food and animals, Munchiecat wanted to create food-themed toys that were simple in design, but still fun for pets and their humans.  Designing safe products is Munchiecat’s first priority.  Simple designs are safer and reduce the chances of tears, breaks, and choking. Current trends in cat toys add decorative strings, feathers, or small parts that can break off and get swallowed causing choking or intestinal hazards. Munchiecat’s goal is to design beautiful toys that cats will love and are safe too.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels ranging from $10 to $100 or more, including:

  • Wine and Cheese magnet set
  • 3-piece Cheese Lover’s set with cheese magnet
  • 2-piece Wine Lover’s set with wine magnet
  • Deluxe 9-piece set and wine and cheese magnets
  • Two Deluxe 9-piece sets, wine and cheese magnets, and a Munchiecat tote bag
  • Four Deluxe 9-piece sets, wine and cheese magnets, and a Munchiecat tote bag

See the Kickstarter page for full details.

About Munchiecat Wine and Cheese cat toys: Dedicated to safe, fun cat toys, Munchiecat has designed a complete set of cat toys infused with catnip to keep cats entertained for hours.

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