Phronetik Inc. Starts Campaign on Indiegogo To Seek Funding For Development And Trial Of Clinical Artificial Intelligence

Phronetik Inc. has launched a campaign on Indiegogo for funding development and trial of Clinical Artificial Intelligence.

Phronetik Inc., the company known for providing healthcare informatics and healthcare IT solutions, has announced the launch of a new project. The Clinical Artificial Intelligence project which is being put through development and trial will revolutionize the point of care testing and early detection.

“We are introducing a path breaking technology in the healthcare landscape arena that can not only improve the approach to diagnosis and treatment of difficult to diagnosis conditions but also deliver interventions that are relevant within the context of the individual patient,” says the spokesperson for Phronetik Inc. “We have partnered with IBM Watson Health to develop a proven way of diagnosing individual patient and with a high degree of success.”

Genomics that combine techniques such as machine learning can easily replace the much-used trial and error approach for diagnosis. However, Genomics alone cannot help understand the expression/non-expression of a gene. Factors such as patient environment, behavior, and lifestyle play an important part in gene expression and drug responsiveness. That’s why there is a pressing need to incorporate precision medicine at the point of care. When implemented and used rightly, it can help in delivering timely and rapid treatment to the patient.

The AI engine developed by the research team at Phronetik can help move the diagnosis process from reactive care toward preventive care for clinicians, researchers, hospitals, and health systems.

It is a known fact that clinical trials are expensive to conduct. Even software system needed for such a platform can be prohibitive in terms of costs.  However, both are absolutely necessary for Phronetik create a product that is evidence-based. They are not looking at launching yet another digital health or AI project. The Clinical Artificial Intelligence project is a game-changer in the healthcare arena as it can deliver data in real time to ensure accurate diagnosis.

The biggest advantage of this project come from the ability of the AI engine to mine the data contained in EHRs and to aggregate it with epigenetic data, genomic data, and patient-provided data. It can not only predict but also offset potentially life-threatening situations right at the point of care and in real-time.

With Clinical Artificial Intelligence, personalized, contextually relevant information can be provided to the medical care professionals at the point of care, and will facilitate clinical interpretation leading to improved diagnosis and treatment. The end result is optimized matching of patients to drugs and clinical trials.

Phronetik Inc. is looking to raise funds on Indiegogo to bring the project to life. The funds will be utilized for initial software development and prototype, HIPAA-compliant hosting in partnership with IBM Watson Health, and for study site. The funding will also come handy in recruitment of patient and provider for clinical trial, genome sequencing, and for further development of the project at various levels. They have a flexible financial goal of $350,000 and are hopeful of achieving the objective.

About Clinical Artificial Intelligence – Development And Trial:

This is a project designed and developed by Phronetik Inc. to bring more accuracy and precision to diagnosis at the point of care. The Artificial Intelligence engine will mine the data in the EHRs and combine it with all other forms of information including data provided by the patients to predict accurately and offset potentially life-threatening incidents.

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