Sandy Goldman Launches Campaign On Kickstarter To Fund Project Wall-e-Tree Tree Wall Decal KIT

Sandy Goldman takes to Kickstarter crowdfunding for his project Christmas Tree Wall Decal KIT or Wall-e-Tree.

Entrepreneur and business consultant, Sandy Goldman has announced that his campaign on Kickstarter is now up and running for his project Christmas Tree Wall Decal KIT. The Wall-e-Tree is a space-saving, eco-friendly tree that includes 3ft x 6ft decal, 50 LED lights and clips and 10 real ornaments and hooks.

“Celebrate this Christmas differently and responsibly by making the world a slightly better place to live with our Christmas Tree Wall Decal KIT,” says the brain behind this amazing idea, Sandy Goldman. “This uniquely designed wall-e-tree is way better than the conventionally used live Christmas tree which is not only costly but harmful to the environment as well. The wall-e-tree takes up no floor space and there are bi messy allergens or bulk disposals to deal with after Christmas festivities are over.”

Sandy looked at various ways of creating a Christmas tree photo that can be used as a removable wall decal. After encountering many problems, he finally found a Christmas tree farm that would allow a professional photographer to shoot a photo on their property  

According to Sandy, the final image chosen for the project is the real Balsam Fir tree on the wall decal. It is 11,000 pixels by 17,000 pixels or more than 1.7 Gig file size. Because of this, the Christmas tree image appears real, life-like and three dimensional.

Sourcing all the items required to trim a Christmas tree was the next big challenge. After a series of lows, Sandy was able to procure enough Christmas balls for around 950 Christmas trees for the current year. They will be running a campaign later to ensure that there are enough Christmas tree balls for 2016 Christmas season.

The other big challenge was to figure out the most economical way to ship the kit to customers.  The wall decal measures 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall and can be rolled up into a cylinder. Several shipping tubes were tested to finalize one that fits the rolled up wall decor and all the trim.

Some of the key advantages of using Christmas Tree Wall Decal KIT or the Wall-e-Tree are:

It takes zero floor space and is environmentally friendly. The arrangement leaves behind no mess or allergens. There are no messy bulky disposal packages to handle and can be set up and taken down fast and in a systematic manner minus any mess. The arrangement includes everything users need to make the Christmas tree look as close to real.

Sandy Goldman and his team are looking to raise $25000 to ensure that the project is rolled out smoothly. The deadline for the funding to be achieved is 5 October, 2017.

About Wall-e-Tree:

Wall-e-Tree, the Christmas Tree Wall Decal KIT is designed to make Christmas eco-friendly. The project has been conceived and developed by entrepreneur Sandy Goldman and offers several benefits. It takes up no floor space and leaves behind no mess or disposal stuff. The tree is easy to setup and take down. The wall-e-tree is a real photo of Balsam Fir tree clicked from a Christmas tree farm.

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