Handmade furniture pieces from Emmor Works receives amazing customer reviews on Etsy.com

Vincentown-based custom wood manufacturing shop and On-line retailer, Emmor Works, receives great reviews from customers on Etsy.com

Emmor Works is a leading custom wood furniture manufacturing factory and online retailer that offers a variety of furniture for home and office. The company has become famous for its classic and elegant designs. The different custom handmade furniture pieces by the company have received great reviews by the customers on Etsy.com.

Within a few years of its establishment, the company has managed to affect lives across the country. This is evident in the tremendous number of sales it has made while gaining the trust of its customers. This is reiterated from the fact that is the shop on Etsy has become the favorite of thousands of online shoppers. “We are so in love with our new kitchen farm table!! The quality is outstanding and we love the one-of-a-kind finishes to it. Emmor Works could not have been easier and more accommodating to work with. Thank you so much! We will treasure this furniture for a lifetime”, says one of the customers on Etsy.com.

Founded in 2013, Emmor Works specializes in manufacturing handcrafted farmhouse, industrial and conference tables. Since its establishment a few years ago, the company has become one of the leading online retailers to provide bespoke furniture in rustic & cottage styles. The regular addition of new products to its collection has helped it become one of the fastest growing consumer brands in the home décor sector.

One of the company’s signature categories is the Turkish Steel conference table. The Signature Turkish Steel conference table is designed and manufactured in-house and has helped the company to grow its number of loyal corporate clients. All the furniture is designed and manufactured in the workshop located in Vincentown, NJ.

Emmor Works furniture is inspired by simplicity and elegance, which is reflected in the designs of all its products. The farmhouse tables are designed to bring warmth, comfort, and strength to any home, with the trestle table having a mix of farmhouse & industrial. It has a rustic top with classic base and a modern touch.

The company also provides their customers an option to customize the table to match their preferences. Customers can choose the size, look, leg style and other such features to design a table which is best suited for their home or office.

Emmor Works also offers a wide range of Kitchen and Dining tables as well as living room furniture and conference tables in a variety of designs and colors. Every piece comes out a bit different from the other and has a unique value. This is so as all the furniture is handcrafted and constructed out of wood.

The tables are made from SFI lumber (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), which is sourced from the US Northwest. All the tables are sealed, making them resilient from stains, watermarks and other such foreign items. More information about the products can be seen at EmmorWorks.com and Etsy.com.

About Emmor Works

Emmor Works is a custom wood manufacturing shop headquartered in Vincentown, NJ. The company serves businesses and residential customers, providing quality, stylish yet affordable furniture pieces made with the best timber sourced from the US Northwest.

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