Bookira announces the launch of ICO on 26 September 2017

Bookira announces Initial Coin Offer for BKT tokens between 26 September and 26 October 2017 with BKTS 80,000,000 tokens available for sale

Bookira is an innovative idea designed to ensure an easier online booking process with the introduction of the first of its kind online booking platform powered by digital currency. Bookira recently announced the start of the Bookira ICO, which begins on the 26th September 2017 and will end on the 26th October.

Bookira is using the power of digital currency and the features of crypto currency to enhance the online booking process, making the process more secure, easier and safer to tourists and travelers across the globe. The ICO announced by Bookira is aimed at using blockchain technology based on ETH to make travel, film and other online booking processes easier.

The advent of digital currency and most especially crypto currency has changed the way business is done, as the decentrentalised payment system has ensured enhanced security and more ease of online transaction. It is in the same vein that the Bookira ICO with about 80,000,000 BKTS tokens is set to be launched.

BKTS is Bookira’s token and is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology. The crypto currency like other cryptos, is not controlled by any central authorities or third-party agency and can be used for all kinds of online booking services. The services include flights, cinemas, transportation, hotel accommodations, travel tours and other travel services.

The main goal of Bookira and the inspiration behind the launch is to proffer a lasting solution to the several problems stakeholders in the online ticketing and travel industry are facing. This is particularly due to the expansion of the industry, which has necessitated the need for a revolutionary idea.

Bookira hopes to solve these problems with the creation of an incentivized, distributed platform built on the blockchain. This on one hand makes the process easier, and on the other hand, reduces the risk and costs for users.

In addition to launching the BKTS, Bookira has also created a mobile app that allows users to benefit from the crypto currency anywhere and everywhere. The Bookira App comes with several functions, which include searching for any available hotel rooms, and booking or reserving them using BKTS.

The app also allows users to buy cheap and pleasurable tours online, as Bookira has been able to establish partnerships with many travel companies. Users of the app can also pay for meals and services at bars and restaurants.

Other functions of the app include booking of any transportation tickets online, which includes airlines, cars, and trains.

The pre-ICO of BKTS has been successfully completed with 20,000,000 BKT tokens sold and this is a signal of what to expect from the eventual ICO.

About Bookira

Bookira is an innovative technology-driven solution to the expanding online travel and ticketing industry. The CEO, Michael Siegel, co-founded Bookira with Richard G Brown, Bookira hopes to solve the many problems of the industry with the introduction of BKT Tokens, driven by blockchain technology.

The ICO for Bookira tokens is scheduled to last for thirty days beginning on the 26 of September, revolutionizing the industry and allow tourists and travelers to have a safer and easier online booking experience.

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