Ariv’s New Beta Stage Provides Everyone with an Opportunity to Try Out This Industry Changing Ride-Sharing Service

Ride-sharing services often face a debacle that they find difficulty in resolving. They are unsure to provide benefits to their riders or their drivers. In most cases, riders outnumber the drivers and thus are preferred, meaning the drivers have to be on the receiving end of policies that many have called unfair.

However, this is changed by Ariv. Founded by Darcel Lockard and Douglas Loupez, Ariv is a subscription based ride sharing company that aims to alleviate many of the issues faced by drivers, while also providing the riders with significant benefits. Ariv aims to change the ridingsharing industry, and transform it into something similar to a subscription-based service.

Instead of having any shares or commissions in the earnings of their riders, they instead have a monthly or weekly subscription fee. This way the drivers always know how much they need to pay at the end of their subscription period, giving them the ability to make massive profits if they truly put in the effort.

Ariv also takes away any surge prices which fluctuate during certain times of the day. This is to the benefit of both the riders and the drivers, as they will have a more streamlined and consistent experience with their rides now, knowing the exact price of each beforehand.

The app is currently available in the beta stage, available for iOS, but soon will be available for Android phones too, and thus it is the ideal time to try it out. They currently operate within Washington, DC.

The vehicles allowed are Sedan, SUV Models 2009 and up among others. A full list as well as the subscription pricing can be found on their website. Their website is also a good avenue to discuss any queries or issues with their staff.

About Ariv: Ariv is a ride-sharing service that aims to solve many issues that prevail in currently used riding services, for both riders and drivers. Instead of charging commissions from their riders, they offer subscriptions, and also take away surge prices, which are often a cause of difficulty.With these changes, and more, they plan on changing the ride-sharing industry, and hope to create a very streamlined and consistent experience for both their drivers and riders. It is currently in the beta phase that operates in San Francisco and Washington, For more information:

Headquarters san Francisco, operating in California, Florida, Washington, Las Vegas, Colorado, New York, and others coming soon (Ride app link) (Driver app)

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