TECH-ARROW has shown its IT industry prowess with the release of contentGATE. contentGATE is a data migration software that enables businesses to experience seamless migration to Office 365.

Having more than a decade experience in the IT industry, TECH-ARROW has shown its commitment towards the delivery of excellent and high-quality products that are in high demand among consumers that cherish the need for having the best.

TECH-ARROW understands the need for organizations and private businesses to move their email archives from the traditional email environment, to enjoy the benefits provided by Office 365.

Companies running an email archiving software due to technical reasons and other factors such as business compliance, need not worry again about the loss of data, which is associated with data migration to the cloud. It can now be prevented with the use of contentGATE.

In addition to the mitigation of data loss, the migration software provided by TECH-ARROW is also more enhanced with its support for several legacy email archives. TECH-ARROW provides services with optimum speed that enable a business to experience little or no downtime during the data migration process.

contentGATE ensures that companies can move their local exchange archive to the cloud. The company is not only interested in migration but also ensures that the process is easy to implement and also straight forward.

contentGATE also enables its users to gain full control of the migration process; the process enables its users to choose what should be moved to Office 365, when the migration should take place, and how it should be done. Making a selection on the level of data to be moved to Office 365 provides a significant opportunity for businesses to reduce the cost of migration. contentGATE, therefore, makes it possible for businesses to improve their server performance and minimize management because they need not bother about moving unwanted data, as proper selection ensures that only important data is chosen for migration. All these indicate the flexibility of contentGATE provided by TECH-ARROW.

In addition to the benefits of contentGATE, the software also ensures that adequate connection is maintained between the data source and the expected target archive or the expected data destination, thereby ensuring that the proper channel for data migration is maintained.

The availability of consultants that enable the migration process to take place seamlessly is another excellent attribute of TECH-ARROW. Consultants can work closely with businesses to ensure that large scale migrations can also be efficient and manageable.

The user-friendly nature of contentGATE is top-notch, providing functionality that can rarely be obtained anywhere else, and the positive feedback that is received from users about the contentGATE software indicates the position of TECH-ARROW as a pacesetter.

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