Fall Specials on Remote Control Ride On Cars for Toddlers.

The number one online seller of Remote Control Ride On Cars, Trucks and SUVs for kids ages 4 and under, Car Tots, has launched fall specials on remote control ride on cars for toddlers that will be offering incredible deals and discount on a selected range of products for a limited time only. The fall specials are one of the last golden chances to purchase a toddler car for a marked down prices and take it on a drive while the weather still allows it.

Over the course of the last few years Remote Control Power Wheels for toddlers have become the coolest toy for children aged 4 and below and Car Tots has been the premier online seller of high quality standards, well-made and safe Toddler Cars and Baby Cars. Some of the most desirable models of remote control ride on toddler cars will be available for discounted prices this fall. The AMG Mercedes S63 ride on coup is one of them, the stylish toddler ride is powered by a 12 Volt battery system and its rubber/foam tires and spring suspension in front and back offer a quiet and comfortable ride. The dashboard features a lighted instrument panel and there are bright front and rear lights including back-up lights that light up when the car is driving in reverse.

The spokesperson for Car Tots said: “Our Remote control Ride Ons have been in popular demand lately because they are truly the “in” thing right now. The best part of buying a ride-on power wheel for your toddler? The face of your child will light up as you drive them around your yard or neighborhood, and it is overwhelming to see how happy they are. Your neighbors will want to know where you got your remote control ride on vehicle and we hope you will send them to Car Tots, so they can enjoy savings with our Fall Specials. If you are looking for Remote control Power Wheels that are of high quality and are backed by a guarantee then Car Tots is your safest bet because these cars work the same and work just like magic.”

About Us:  CarTots.com is designed to bring you the latest in ride on cars for toddlers (tots) and even some kids, teens, adult ride ons too. The premier ride-on car dealer stocks a wide variety of versions and brands of their specialty remote control ride on cars. For more information, please visit: http://www.cartots.com/

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