Inmates Number One Bookstore, SureShot Books Publishing LLC,  proudly announces to the general public its willingness to intensify and expand its inmates books, magazines and newspapers delivery services. SureShot Books Publishing LLC is located at 15 North Mill Street, Nyack, New York 10960.

SureShot Books Publishing LLC goal is to provide books for inmates, giving them the opportunity to learn as much as possible during their incarceration.

SureShot Books Publishing LLC is the leader in sending books to inmates and a publishing company which specializes in publishing inmates books.

The company focus is helping to improve the lives of inmates through reading ,SureShot Books Publishing LLC  hopes to help inmates improve their literacy and general education by providing reasonable price books, magazines, & newspapers for inmates. These action’s benefits both the inmate and society as a whole because the more they improve their education, the less likely they will return to jail.

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The Senior Account Manager of SureShot Books Publishing LLC,  Darren Herrington has this to say  “We firmly believe that just because a person is incarcerated, does not STOP their mind from being free to travel the world and learn about anything & everything they are interested in through the magic of books.”  “We Believe “Books have the power to change lives“. This is what guides SureShot Books Publishing LLC. They believe that providing inmates with access to current reading material , they have a better chance of adapting to the current state of affairs that is waiting for them upon their release. 

Reading is a great exercise that helps us process information verbally and visually. Those that don’t read can struggle with processing verbal information. This helps explains why a slow reader will be slow in other academic areas. With the lack of verbal and visual comprehension skills,  they have a higher chances of divorce and job unemployment.  Reading improves every aspect of communication skills.”

The typical inmate spends his / her time working out, playing sports or watching TV. According to a survey of inmate’s reading habits, the average inmate reads a total of 3 books over a five-year sentence. Sending books to inmates can encourage them to read more frequently and improve their ability to comprehend the written word.

How SureShot Books Publishing LLC seeks to solve this problem is by offering a 24-hour online service that delivers these books, magazines and newspapers to your love ones. This platform allows inmate’s family and friends to purchase these products & have them shipped on their behalf.  SureShot Books Publishing LLC has a huge collection of products thats suits all inmates needs from Bibles, Law Books,  Self-Help, Sobriety, Motivational & Inspirational Books, Sports Books, Real Estate, Comic Books, Etc…. plus  All the Current Magazines & Newspapers.

How This Works

  • Visit Sureshot Books website
  • Search for your desired book,magazine or newspaper and place an order. (NOTE: Enter ISBN Number into search bar, (Search Bar is for Books Only)   If looking for Newspapers or Magazines please use side links.
  • Once ordered, books shipped within 24-48 hrs. Delivery time for each order takes about  5-10 days. All Magazines ship from Clearing House please allow 6-8 Weeks. Newspapers take 7-14 days
  • If book ordered is on Back-Order, this processed can take about 7 – 30 days for delivery.

About:  SureShot Books Publishing LLC.

SureShot Books Publishing LLC helps inmate authors turn their dreams into reality. We are an independent publishing company that strives to publish the best books posssible.  “Our publishing dept focus is on mainstream fiction, memoirs,  motivational books, urban etc…..
We realize that writing a book is an important undertaking and we treasure that work. Your book is your passion and we provide suggestions and support along the way to assist you in publishing your work, but in the final analysis, it will be the power of your personality and the strength of your story that will gain readers for your book.” 

Media Contact
Company Name: SureShot Books Publishing LLC
Contact Person: Darren Herrington
Phone: (888) 608-0868
Address:P.O. Box 924 Nyack, New York 10960
City: New York
Country: United States