U-letter: The First Social Ecosystem based on Philosophy and Block Chain Core Technology

U-letter is considered as the first social ecosystem that is based on philosophy and block chain core technology. It is centralized encrypted instant messaging software that allows all their users to use video, voice and text for free and at the same time support real-time translation of communication services. In addition to this, U-letter offers comprehensive and newest one-stop block chain industry details.

Moreover, U-letter through an encrypted virtual digital exclusive, the technical advantages of full application of block chain to build the plate area. U-letter is an ecosystem and most industries that block the chain will be integrated to the social-based link system. Apart from this, U-letter will time constraints and span space as well as link the global users with block chaining technology.

With the popularity of mobile terminals and the massive rise of mobile internet, instant messaging software plays a vital role in people’s lives. Along with the promotion of high-tech and new enthusiasts and development of internet industry, block chain technology which keep space with artificial intelligence has penetrated into all walks of life.

This is one of the reasons why people pay more attention to privacy protection, using U-letter to the center of encryption server from the communication process in isolation. U-letter can guarantee the maximum user security and privacy. It simply means that the 2 sides can know each other and any 3rd party cannot get any important information. The market competition and the instant messaging software is very fierce due to the advantages and scale effect of internet industry. The initial impressions are the strongest and the complete instant messaging software will be hard to shake the present status of chat software.

However, more segments of professional social networking platform are more popular. U-letter will focus on the block chain and they are dedicated to create block chain industry social ecosystem. The block chain industry is one-stop service platform that helps to protect the privacy of all their valued users. With the help of U-letter, users will have a great chance to use video, voice and text for free. The best thing about U-letter is that they support real-time translation of communication services and offers comprehensive and newest one-stop block chain industry details.

To learn more, please check out http://www.u-letter.com/index.php?lang=en. For inquiries, please send an email at uletter@yeah.net. 

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