New Release Advocates “Risky Obedience” in Speaking Truth

A Texas pastor asks an important and penetrating question of the church, “Where are the voices of fire today?” He advocates speaking God’s truth in a culture he sees as increasingly in need of truth. In Becoming a Voice of Fire (Redemption Press 2017), Doyl C. Tully speaks against a church culture that “sacrifices voices of fire for voices of crowd pleasers, voices of the power of positive speech, and voices who are careful to not offend.”

The founding and senior pastor of Pure Heart Fellowship in Rowlett, Texas says the world is in dire need of a message from men and women with “voices of fire.” He says, “The church today is losing, if it has not already lost, its savor, and will someday soon be rendered powerless.”

Tully, who is a church planter and has traveled widely preaching and teaching, says, “Voices of fire must always be ready, willing, and determined to accomplish God’s instructions. No matter the cost, no matter what gifting you may have now, no matter how risky it seems, voices of fire are called to be Christians who are willing to follow Christ with risky obedience.” His goal in writing Becoming a Voice of Fire is to impart truth and ignite zeal in those desiring to make an impact for Christ, and encourage leaders and pastors to become “voices of fire.”

This new release follows Tully’s his autobiography, Broken to Rise, and small group materials, including Becoming True Worshipers, and Prayer that Engages the Heavenlies.


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