SANCHAIN: Let the value of internet change people’s future

SANCHAIN  is a distinctive Blockchain ecosystem. Along with a peer system, it perfects a diversified environment, thus following the footsteps of the advent of the internet – changing the commercial landscape and the lives of everyone on earth.


SANCHAIN will protect your digital assets globally. It’s safer, easier to use, more efficient, and always rising in value. At the same time, SANCHAIN’s Blockchain ecosystem’s Dapp includes: lifestyle, shopping, travel, business, music, film, dining, finance, investment, trust, healthcare, fitness, technology, education and others.

SANCHAIN  Blockchain ecosystem is based on the most advanced globalized open source model. Developers can freely create and distribute any project, as well as share the source code with all interested parties – experience the joy of sharing. Also, SANCHAIN Blockchain ecosystem’s projects are not only individually operated, but can be operated by a community as well – maximizing resource sharing.

On September 20, 2017, SANCHAIN  Blockchain ecosystem put online a new convertible currency digital asset wallet which supports: SanChain Token、BTC、ETH and other digital assets for storage or exchange. More digital asset management features will be added for the future. Recently, SANCHAIN’s token was tested in OpenLedger – a new model for decentralized digital transaction.

SANCHAIN Blockchain ecosystem is developing at a rapid rate. We welcome your investment as well as your attention.

 – Wang Hui

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