Businesses Saving Time and Money with this New Outlook TimeSheet Reporting

Businesses All Over the World Are Optimizing with this Software

TimeSheet Reporter, a Microsoft Partner, delivers an application that makes timesheet reporting in Outlook a simple and accurate process.  The state-of-the-art Outlook calendar time tracking program offers a time tracking system that turns appointments into timesheets. The timesheet reporting app contains many other convenient features as well. 

“We are delighted to be delivering a solution like TimeSheet Reporter for Outlook,” stated a company representative.  “The program makes it possible for users to track their time quickly and efficiently so they can focus on their work, not their timesheet.  Timesheet reporting in Outlook can be utilized by corporate businesses with lots of employees, small businesses and and also private and public organizations.  The software is invaluable because it’s important for businesses and individuals alike to get proper time tracking solutions or many hours can go to waste and be unaccounted for which is a huge problem.  This program literally saves hours every week and of course, time is money.”

TimeSheet Reporter is set to run with Outlook in the Microsoft Office suite.  The software works so smoothly with Outlook, many think it is part of Outlook but, it isn’t.  The Outlook calendar time tracking software reports time from organizations, activities and projects on Microsoft Outlook Calendar and turns them into a timesheet, saving users time on the grueling task of reporting time and value and even allows them to bill time.

According to the American Payroll Association, seven minutes of every payroll session is spent filling out the timecard when done manually.  In addition, many employees do not accurate track time spent which can result in lost time for the company or the employee.  The concept of the Outlook calendar time tracking program is being praised for its ability to change all that, accurately and efficiently tracking time.

The TimeSheet Reporter has a number of features.  It has web interface as well as smart phone access so it allows for users to work on or offline and even on the road.  It reports time through Microsoft Outlook calendar, supervises time entry approval, can access standard reports and has the capability to share data with Excel, CRM, ERP and other systems.  The program accurately figures cost and revenue of hourly rates and expenses such as mileage and billable goods and adds them to the time entries. The program is even able to grant role based permissions.

To download the Timesheet reporting in Outlook or to find out more about the program, visit the TimeSheet Reporter website.

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