Paolo Costagli New York Breathes New Life Into Old Pearls

Gemstone expert and award-winning jewelry designer Paolo Costagli takes heirloom pearl strands and transforms them into more seductive pieces with Brillante iconic motif and style.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 26 Sep, 2017 – If you have a string of pearls tucked away in your jewelry collection waiting to see the light of day, you might want to bring it to Paolo Costagli’s New York atelier. Located at the prestigious 555 Madison Avenue on the 56th, the atelier is a wonderland of custom-made fine jewelry. Here, he and his team of stylists will take your precious pearls apart and put them back together with contemporary design elements from his iconic Brillante collection. The final piece? An even more stunning pearl necklace decked with sparkling gold and diamonds, now more befitting to a woman of the 21st century.

The collection that carved a niche in the world of jewelry for Paolo Costagli is his award-winning Brillante. A curation of gemstone jewelry featuring a Venetian geometric motif paired with rich color combinations and diamond detail. Even without the gemstones, this iconic motif stood out and became a symbol of class, innovation, and quality.

Paolo Costagli New York’s redesign process for pearls is more intimate than your average jewelry restoration. After all, it is not a mere restoration but a rather, a complete overhaul, a journey of a 19th-century Old World treasure to modernity. After Paolo decides which variation of the Brillante motif should join the pearls, he arranges them in a sequence that achieves the most balance. He studies each pearl to make sure that their placement in the necklace fits their unique size and shape and that they go along with the added elements. This part of the process is what truly sets him apart from the rest –this level of customization ensures the client that her new pearl necklace is unlike any other.

After the initial arrangement, he then chooses a temporary length for the necklace, strings the pearls, gold and diamond motifs together, and fits them on the client (or a model, if the client is not available). “Each step is meticulous to ensure that there is harmony between the elements”, says Paolo. Once the ideal arrangement is achieved and the piece wears well, the necklace is secured with a Brillante diamond clasp. The redesigned necklaces are usually 35 to 42 inches in length so it can be worn in different styles.

A designer known for his bold and conversation-starting pieces, Costagli’s style philosophy is to create jewelry that is as current as the woman who wears it. All his creations echo this sentiment in that they feature classic elements in ultimately modern designs. One of the bracelets from the Brillante collection is currently displayed in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

For jewelry redesigning and private viewing of the collections, you may contact the stylists at 1-(212)-974-9360 or email them at to schedule an appointment.

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