Inviting All Japan tourists, Foreigners in Japan and Japan Expats for Boating with Edo Magic Lanterns!

“Japanese Edo style boat ride event”
Enjoy Boat Ride with Japanese Edo Magic Lantern Performances and traditional art of Photography and Poetry!!

A Super Cool Revival of an Edo Summer Feature! (English translation available.)

Event Schedule:

October 2 (Mon) 20:00 – 21:00 – A pleasure boat ride from Sakurabashi Bridge, Sumida River.

Pleasure boat ride from Saku-rabashi Bridge, Sumida River. Tokyo.

Booking is required. Boarding starts at Azumabashi Pier 30 min. before show time.

(If you are late, you cannot board the pleasure boat.)

October 3 (Tues) 19:00 – Kyu-Nakagawa Terrace

Booking is required. Please come to the venue 10 min. before show time to receive your ticket.

About the EVENT:

A seasonal feature spectacularly popular in the Edo period (1603-1867). A traditional entertainment performed on boats, Edo Magic Lantern is revived after 150 years. Magic Lantern is considered a predecessor of movies and anime. It is an Edo period science (visual technology) which started around 1802 as well as artistic entertainment.

The You-kiza’s evening riverboat Magic Lantern shows performed ghost stories for audiences on board, on the embankment, or on bridges, a cool way to spend the evening outdoors. We offer a special program held in a roofed pleasure boat by the Kyu-Nakagawa River terrace, where the ambience of pre-modern Edo can still be felt. The weaving of light and dark cre-ates the beautiful, mysterious, and frightening world of Edo Magic Lantern. Don’t miss this chance to see a rare delight.

Edo Magic Lantern Performances Another traditional art that Youkiza celebrates is magic lantern performance, which has a 200 year history. This art applies the media skills invented in Europe during the mid 17th century. Glass slides are inserted into a box-shaped projector and pictures are projected onto a screen. A number of mobile projectors are deployed together to create complex scenes.


  1. Prologue: The show cannot start without this! Youkiza’s Magic Lantern begins!
  2. Four Seasons of Japan: Enjoy how the Magic Lantern portrays the changing qualities of these seasons.
  3. Hanshu Dish Mansion: Revival performance of the terrifying ghost of Kiku from the “Ancient Magic Lantern Program”.


Senyu Ryokawa (Magosaburo Youki XII) and Youkiza members

Magic Lantern slides: painted by Akira Uno

Composition: Masataro Imafuji (Living National Treasure)

Musical coordination: Tatsuyuki Mochizuki

Nagauta — Masanosuke Imafuji. Michio Imafuji

Shamisen — Masajuro Imafuji, Matane Imafuji

Musical accompaniment — Tatsuyuki Mochizuki

Flute — Suiho Tosha

Admission/Entry: FREE

For Map:

Book in advance. 100 tickets available, first come first served.

Youkiza Tel. 042-322-9750 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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