Town of Dudley Sixth a new book by: Zagham Karim

“”I was told history repeats itself, so does that mean we are going around in circles, or are we spiraling into darkness?””
In a world of eternal slumber, it is but wise to foresee the future. Where true beauty is priceless, for creativity can be so far ahead. Do our eyes not see that far ahead, does our brain make baseless theories in greed? Here we live in a world of zombies, value is only for the present, who cares about the future?

The novella is based on an alien planet, in a post-apocalyptic era. Only one city of survivors remains. A city of luxury – Lukemilldale.

But can luxury ensure survival? How will the residents face the odds with the ‘resources’ and mechanical technology available?

Follow the story of the protagonist Sambol and those around him, as they struggle to ensure the survival of their species.

He was alone as he hovered above the town hall, in the last moments of the day. Despite the fact it was in a city, the residents still called it the town hall. The very words had been engraved into the building. It could be that he chose the town hall as it was close to the centre of Lukemilldale, even though the city had an irregular shape. The streets were now silent, the only indication that it was night— other than a general guess based on the time of the day.

Fate, had cast a spell of everlasting darkness. Dark clouds filled the sky, preventing even a single ray of light, from touching the surface. The clouds never moved nor did it rain. Not many remembered the giant orb of light that had once heated the planet.

The day after the collision, only one city was found to be unaffected by the catastrophe. The situation went from bad to worse. Everything changed that day; either you were the predator or the prey. Survivors divided into two factions: those inside the city walls and those outside its protection. There was little effort to rebuild cities across the planet compared to the effort being put into leaving the planet. Some people began to tell the year relative to the collision, due to the catastrophic effect it had. Even those within the city’s walls no longer valued the luxury of residing in Lukemilldale. A city modernised by Dudley (sixth duke of planet Kepler), especially now that the currency no longer held value nor did luxury assure normality.

Since the day the collision occurred, darkness had enveloped the planet. As a direct result, the atmosphere had broken down and a thick layer of dusty clouds had formed in the skies, which were held in place by frozen gases. This had also led to the crumbling of the space defence system, allowing aliens to enter without anyone noticing. The defence system consisted of the celestial objects around the planet and watch towers, which had been demolished by the collision.

Zagham was born on the 23rd of July 1998. His childhood was spent in a town called Dudley, where he spent most of his free times in reading fictional novels. It was what interested him to write his own novels – which others could enjoy, just like he enjoyed reading through a good novel. 

He used to write various short stories in school. Now he has began to make use of some of the ideas from those short stories; by writing novels in his free time. Most of his work is set in the scifi/fantasy genre. His first novella is called ‘Town of Dudley Sixth’ and is about an apocalypse on an alien planet. Some aspects of the novella are inspired by his interest in mechanical timepieces. Especially ones that include the tourbillon and minute repeater function with skeletal design. For example the use of mechanical technology in transport, gates and timekeeping. Other aspects are inspired by his interest in aeronautical/aerospace engineering- such as the spaceship. 

In short, his novels are a means of expressing his emotion and in some ways, various concepts are understandable as they apply to us humans as well – such as infrastructure of buildings and the ranking system.

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