Unique Things To Do In Mystic CT Shoreline of Southeastern Connecticut

“Mystic, CT is a quaint little village on the shoreline of Southeastern CT offering family fun, romance and New England Charm.”
Mystic, CT is a small village on the shoreline of Southeastern Connecticut.

Mystic, CT is a small village on the shoreline of Southeastern Connecticut. It is a village comprised of two towns: Groton and Stonington. Both use a zip code but is however separated by a drawbridge known as the Mystic River Bascule along the Mystic River.

It offers not just fun, romance and charming display of New England, it helps you to enjoy with your families and friends. Either for a long term or short term visit, you just would not want to miss the beauty of Mystic for any other thing in the world.

Uniquely, it is a place to be for a wonderful moment on the waterfront, to have a spectacular view of the coasts scenery and historical buildings, boutiques among others. Everywhere you are in Mystic CT, there is hospitality.

When on a visit next time, do not miss out on seeing the Mystic Museum of Art. This place has been at the center of the Connecticut art scene for about 100 years. It is a home for culture, tradition and all the charms of humanities. This museum was founded in 1913, hence, it is historical in all essence.

It opens all year round between 11 am to 5 pm daily. This museum houses four art galleries, state of the art studio room, classrooms for educational purposes, and reference library for art. It also grants you access to the waterfront and a widely spread parking lot.

What about seeing the Mystic Seaport; the Museum of America and the Sea? Here, you will enjoy exhibitions like how ships are built, explore a working shipyard, see new ship lift dock, and explore a 19th-century seafaring village. In addition, your children will enjoy museum and playscape of their age, you can learn to sail if you desire and even climb the historic tall ships. Who knows, you might find the Titanic there.

Also, you could decide to spend your visit on a weekend touring the historic Mystic Aquarium or just take a day to spend in its many beautiful sceneries. And at one evening, you could decide to visit one of its many beautiful bars and restaurants tasting wine and enjoying a vibrant nightlife.

These are things which do not cost much to do; it is simple and easy when you are in Mystic CT.

Similarly, you could take yourself and your loved ones to see the downtown Mystic. It is located on the Mystic River which flows into the Long Island Sound. There, you could just marvel at the life at sea. You will see boats coming in out of the harbor.

And if you are in Mystic CT with your family and friends for shopping, the Olde Mystic Village promises to offer you a wonderful time.

Meanwhile, when you eventually visit Mystic CT, ensure you do not miss out on these historical places: Mystic River Drawbridge, founded in 1835; Mystic Seaport, established in 1929; Mystic Railroad Station, built in 1907; Historic Harbour Tour on the Mystic Express at 1 Holmes Street; and The Historical 1717 House Museum on the Denison Homestead. Enjoy!

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