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If given a choice, most couples would not opt for a divorce.   Even though seemingly cruel, it is the only way to allow the two individuals continue with a normal life when the marriage fails to work.   Navigating a marriage through divorce can be emotionally challenging and complicated, especially when you have a big life ahead and lots of responsibilities.  The complex nature of divorce law and requirements make it absolutely necessary to have a Hollywood divorce attorney should you decide to take the proceedings to court. Florida family law incorporates various clauses during this procedure and getting the divorce order and the post-divorce financial-aid program is based on the systematic factorial basis.   To understand the process and the applicable law in such matters, you need a special attorney that will help walk you through the process and ensure your interests are protected.

Cindy D. Sackrin is a specialist. She is a board certified family law attorney based in Broward County, Florida and offers competent and highly professional services to couples that are seeking divorce both in and out of courtroom.  Through her dedication to family values, and her uninterrupted serving Broward and Dade Counties for past 32 years, Cindy has been awarded an elite certification of “Marital and Family Law Specialist” from the board.

If you are seeking a divorce or paternity/time sharing in Broward County, there cannot be a better attorney than Ms. Sackrin.   She understands the value of family and her firm always focuses on protecting the interested of the client.

Florida State has special guidelines for divorce and post-divorce aid programs.   The divorce can be filed on two grounds, the irretrievable separation of the couple and/or the mental incapacity of one of the spouses.  Similarly, the post-divorce aid-program like alimony and child support are based on factors such as the capacity of earning spouse, the ability of dependent spouse, the age of marriage, there as on for dissolution etc.   It is hard to evidently prove the need of dissolution without seeking help from an expert but, Cindy D. Sackrin’s law firm has a history of a very positive conversion rate.   They have handled numerous family law matters during the time, including family issues for professional athletes.

Other than handling divorce and post-divorce, paternity/time sharing and post-divorce related aid, Sackrin’s firm has been actively doing mediation service that allows families to resolve the disputes without approaching a court for traditional litigation and her mediation service is certified by the Florida Supreme Court.   Additionally, the firm takes issues related to Paternity, Domestic violence, and Property division.

If you are anticipating a divorce or some other family legal issues, meet Ms. Sackrin, her Hollywood divorce attorney office is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida.   Contact her website to book an appointment today. 

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