Mediadirectx, New Automated Platform for Native Advertising, Launched for Seamless Brand Content Access and Revenue Generation

The inevitable has happened, and traditional banner advertising, which used to be the main revenue source for websites, has lost its sheen. Ignored by online visitors, banner ads are thus being replaced by a new, revenue linked promotional model that revolves around branded content. Mediadirectx, the newly launched native advertizing firm, now offers the most convenient, real time, streamlined platform that connects advertisers with publishers.

Mediadirectx is an automated programmatic solution and an advanced, intelligent tool that brands can get the maximum out of their promoted content. The technology adopted by Mediadirectx is cutting edge, and offers real time matching of best stories with the target audience at the most attractive price.

Doing native advertising is not rocket science, as Mediadirectx advertisers will discover. Web visitors are known to ignore banner ads and rich media content added to their natural content, but are attracted to articles and stories that appear part of their native reading platform. Mediadirectx uses this user experience to target and connect the audience to advertisers.

“Target consumers read such content more attentively, connect to the brand and remember the information longer. A brand story can be called great only if the target consumers read it,” says a spokesperson from Mediadirectx.

Advertisers using Mediadirectx get to use it advanced bidding system, optimize their campaigns for price paid per view, use content in various formats (text, videos, images), set their budget and duration, and control the audience based on age, device, location, and so on. They also receive detailed, real time analytics for views, impressions, social shares and budget spent.

Publishers using Mediadirectx can get access to top quality branded content, add a new monetization source to their properties, remove the clutter of banner ads, increase revenue and create engagement. The promoted content gels with their publication platform on web and mobile, and a real time analytics report reveals views, impressions and revenue earned.

“Our real-time state-of-art technology always shows the most relevant and interesting stories to each user. Everyone wins! Publishers maximize their revenue, advertisers capture everything they can get from their budget and users are just more engaged in the advertising process,” says the spokesperson from Mediadirectx.


Mediadirectx is a place where publishers and advertisers meet and create seamless advertising user experience. Mediadirectx was founded in the center of modern advertising industry – in Lithuania. We are committed to Native advertising and believe in its future. We will certainly keep on raising bar and implement innovative solutions. Our customers will be working with the newest advanced technologies. We are going to remain the best place for advertisers and publishers.

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