Infidelity Coach Speaks Out Amidst Kevin Hart’s Alleged Affair

Another story has shaken the world of infidelity.  Many see it as a story of extortion, while others view it as the classic story of infidelity… the avalanche of lies, betrayal, secrets, and deception. Christina R. Ferguson, Infidelity Coach and Founder of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, says, “This is another story sending the message that we are human, we aren’t perfect, and infidelity is okay. 

The recent scandal involving Kevin Hart, a well- knownactor, comedian, writer, and producer whom brings so much love and laughter to the world has allegedly committed adultery again.  Mr. Hart openly shares through his comedy act that he is not sorry and he doesn’t regret cheating on his ex-wife.  Coach Christina says, “We laugh at this yet, what a major blow to his ex-wife,” and asks, “What about his children?”  Why do we laugh at cheating? What message are we sending to the world?  Now that infidelity has hit his second marriage the question becomes why is cheating so prevalent and can monogamy really exist?”

Coach Christina fights for and with women who suffer the pain of infidelity.  She founded Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day in 2013 with the mission to eradicate normalizing and promoting infidelity as an acceptable and notable behavior by bringing awareness to the emotional and psychological consequences experienced by individuals, children, families, and communities.  The 2017 Virtual Summit brought together women from around the globe to hear from a panel of experts who provided information, hope, encouragement, and support to the participants.  Coach Christina says, “As a result of infidelity many suffer in silence living a life of pain; some having to endure a secret life of shame, pity and embarrassment.  Hosting a virtual summit allows the betrayed the opportunity to receive help, support, and encouragement.”  Christina strongly believes that infidelity is an epidemic and no one should have to live through infidelity alone.

The recent Hart scandal is entertainment to some and the concept of being faithful might remain to be a foreign concept and trivial to others.  Many say infidelity will always exist so why even care?  Coach Christina says that we all should care, our communities should care, our churches should care, our society as a whole should care.  She says, “The Hart scandal is just an example of the many cases of infidelity.  The world can dim the lights on infidelity, give excuses to the betrayer, and buy into the silly myths of infidelity, but let’s truly get to the gut of the problem.  Cheating, lies, living a double life, adultery, failing to honor vows, where is the justice in all of this?   Why isn’t infidelity a criminal offense?”  Christina declares that normalizing infidelity has to end.

About Christina R. Ferguson, MS, CPC

After experiencing infidelity in her marriage and subsequently becoming divorced and a single mother, she decided to use her story and her journey to help others and make a difference.  A Certified Professional Coach and Founder of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, Christina R. Ferguson’s coaching practice focuses on women who are fighting to move beyond the pain and devastating effects of infidelity.  She offers individual and group coaching, online self-coaching, and the annual Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day event.  She says, “Together we can and together we will change the world of infidelity.”


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