Furniture Buffers Discovers How to Prevent Furniture from Ruining Floors

San Antonio, TX – Furniture Buffers have discovered a new way to save floors, furniture, and backs with their patented ultra-compressed felt furniture pads. And they are making it available to everyone through their modestly priced Jumbo Pack that ensures every size and style of furniture will be covered.

Many homeowners have lamented the damage done to their hardwood floors by the feet and bottoms of their chairs, couches, and tables. Even laminate and tile floors are susceptible to damage from furniture, but Furniture Buffers even offers protection solutions for property owners, available here:

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Add to this the fact that moving furniture, especially heavy, real wood pieces, is difficult for even young, fit individuals, and the need for a solution that protects floors and provides easier handling is evident.

Furniture Buffers has discovered how to solve allthese problems and they have made their solution easily accessible to everyone. Their new Jumbo Pack delivers over 140 pads as well as two large square sheets for custom sizes and shapes for under $20. This one pack enables even individuals with many pieces of unique furniture of all shapes and sizes to protect their furniture and their floors.

What makes Furniture Buffers’ protective pads so revolutionary, though, is that instead of damaging furniture by using nails or pins to keep the felt in place, like many high-end brands do, Furniture Buffers have developed an extremely strong adhesive to apply the pads with. This means there is no damage done to a person’s furniture when applying these furniture protectors.

Furthermore, the adhesive method ensures that over time, no nail or pin will push through the felt and damage floors even worse than if there was no pad at all.

Because their protectorsare designed using an extremely compressed felt, the pads stay firm without frizzing or breaking down over time. This means they are long lasting while also being the perfect aid to moving or reorganizing even the heaviest pieces of furniture.

Overall the discovery by Furniture Buffers does more than save floors. The pads protect floors and furniture with their thick, compressed adhesive felt, and protect backs by being easy to slide. Add to that the fact that the company offers the Jumbo Pack for less than $20, which would really be the only pack even a large, thoroughly furnished home could need, and there are a lot of things being saved by Furniture Buffers’ discovery.

It really is no surprise, then, that so many people are talking about them. Furniture Buffers has ensured the protection of peoples’ investment in their homes and furniture while saving their backs and wallets along the way. To learn more about them, visit

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