TVC-Mall Started Selling Customized Phone Accessories to Provide Their Consumers A Better Service

TVC-Mall, a leading online store that sells branded phones, tablets and mobile phone accessories, recently started selling custom-made mobile phone accessories.

TVC-Mall, an online store that caters to both wholesalers and retailers, recently started selling customized mobile phone accessories at marked(-)down prices. The owner stated during a recent press conference that the customized mobile phone accessories would help the brands to establish deeper connection with their customers as today’s buyers get too excited to see the names of the popular brands on the accessories they use with their devices, be it a notebook or a mobile phone or even a laptop.

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“This is a strategic move as we wanted to let our buyers explore the power of personal branding and social media. These days, many buyers shop into the craze, and when they go for expensive mobile phones and tablets, they always look for accessories that are cheap yet totally customized”, said a sales executive of TVCMall. He also said that the customized branding trend has moved from a passing fad to a permanent and thriving category.

“There was a time when top brands used to just slap their initials on accessories and parts. However, these days, the leading brands in the consumer electronics category have decided to communicate rather directly with their consumers and they now work in tandem to produce one-of-a-kind and collaborative pieces that we think are great for branding mobile phones and tablets”, he went on to add.

TVC Mall now sells perfectly customized and personalized mobile phone accessories such as mobile phone cases, paper box packages and the likes.

The executive also informed that they arrange various promotional campaigns from time to time and during those promotional campaigns, customers are free to apply and redeem coupon codes and promo codes.

The CEO and managing director of TVC Mall said, “It’s high time for the mobile phone brands to take their branding to the next level. We personally know a couple of Smart phone manufacturers from China that communicate with their buyers directly through their social media channels, particularly Instagram, and never fail to surprise their buyers with customized accessories that come free with their products. This helps them in retaining their customers in a big way. We hope more brands would realize the potential of customized branding”.

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