Wealth Management Company Rudolf Stark Appeared on Times Square Billboard Recently

Rudolf Stark Holdings, a trading and investment consulting service provider that has already won multiple prestigious awards, was featured on Times Square billboard.

Rudolf Stock limited, which won the prestigious the Purchase of Asset Management Trust Award and has regularly featured in top business and finance publications such as Asia-Pacific Finance and Economics Magazine, appeared on Times Square Billboard recently.  The company, which has earned trust of hundreds and thousands of investors and traders by providing reliable and steady consulting services, had its fair share of exposure at New York Times Square – a place which probably gets the most number of footfalls on any day.


One of the senior executives told that their goal is to make more traders and investors aware of their market presence and the value propositions they bring to the global investor community.

“Rudolf Stark has already featured in top business and money magazines such as Digital Journal, AZ Central, World Net Daily, Yahoo Finance and numerous online and offline publications. It is fair to say that Rudolf Stark has got its due recognition from all quarters of the investor fraternity, but we still have a long way to go”, said one of the top executives of Rudolf Stark.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/ieI2PkurfMA

“We are quite sure that this coverage will help us in hogging all the limelight and we can spread our business further afield. As a financial services and stock holding company operating since 1995, we have worked as an investment and financial management partner for some of the biggest investors and we perfectly know how important it is for potential bigwigs to verify the market presence of the investment consulting service providers”, added the executive.

According to him, Rudolf Stark Holdings, which has already built its special account management team for providing exclusive consulting services to high-end investors and traders, will take a giant leap forward in about a few weeks as the company is going to get many eyeballs as their ad was live at the iconic Times Square.

“Our marketing and advertising team has done a brilliant job in making a minimalist and visually appealing video which played on a selected Times Square billboard. We are sure that the advertisement will send across the right message and get more investors sign up with us”, said the executive.

The CEO and managing director of Rudolf Star Limited said that the company has aimed at good customer service since its inception. “We have devoted ourselves in developing innovative and super-personalized financial services as we know that high-end investors have very unique requirements that can only be fulfilled by seasoned professionals who have worked in the industry for more than one or two decades. Many of our investment consultants bring years of experience to the tables, whereas our front-line executives are relatively young and proficient in customer relationship management. We offer a range of financial services including banking assistance, services for people interested in foreign exchange funds, foreclosure, bonds, mutual funds, stock market and so on”, said the CEO and managing director of the company.

He also expressed excitement that their wealth management company got the exposure through the Times Square billboard advertisement. “It’s more of a strategic decision than a marketing stunt. We know who our target clients are and we will continue to serve them in the best possible manner”, he added.

About the Company

Rudolf Stark Limited, founded in 1995, is a comprehensive financial service stock holding company. Based in the U.S.A, with service covering the America continent, Europe, etc., Rudolf Stark Limited aimed at providing the best customer consulting service and trading consulting service of mutual funds, foreign exchange, crude oil, Heng Seng index and other financial derivatives. 

To know more, visit https://www.rudolf-stark.com/

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