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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 26 Sep, 2017 – Pakor Inc. is preparing for the future with its new fastID passport system.  Pakor believes this passport photo system fulfills a large need for retailers that are preparing for future security changes.  The system simplifies passport photography by using biometric facial recognition.  It also has the ability to supply a digital file via email for the applicant, allowing additional revenues for retailers.

fastID is a wireless passport photo system designed to simplify passport photography with guaranteed results. The software automatically processes the image into an ICAO compliant photograph.  (The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations and defines standardizes machine-readable passport worldwide.)  Travelers are starting to experience biometric technology with companies like JetBlue Airways Corp. and Delta Airlines Inc. using biometrics to increase security and ease passage through airports.  The fastID’s biometric technology analyzes each photo against 30 credentials to ensure it passes the strictest government requirements, giving users 100% accuracy for both domestic and international ID photos.

“We are excited to have the fastID passport system to offer to our customers.  This system is the only one on the market today that offers the ability to email passport photos.  With the future of passport photography this function will be a necessity.  It is important to us that we offer state-of-the-art technology to our customers setting them up for the future.  It just makes sense that we put them into a system that will grow with the security changes.”  Rich Mast, Pakor’s Vice President Sales and Marketing states, “There is also a need in the industry to be able to confidently produce passport photos that won’t be rejected.  With over 220,00 rejected passport photos last year, this product is easy for the operator to use and allows the retailer to guarantee their photo every time.”

The fastID passport system is an affordable product for companies to get into with a quick level of return on their investment.  If you are interested in the new FastID passport system you may reach them at 800-249-3165 or see the fastID in action at

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Pakor has been placing passport systems around the country for over 15 years.  These systems have been placed into government service centers, photo labs, large retailers, and fortune 500 corporations. 

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