Dr. Robert J Medford goes on a fictional Biblical journey with the launch of “Five Mothers of Glory”

Popular author and genealogist, Dr. Robert J Medford, releases new book, “Five Mothers of Glory”, a journey into the Bible that exploring the lineage of Yeshua.

Dr. Robert J. Medford recently released his new book titled “Five Mothers of Glory,” which takes readers through a Biblical journey while exploring the lineage of Yeshua.

A lot of mystery and confusing controversy has met the genealogy of Yeshua Ben-Yahweh (Jesus Son of God). This can be traced to the gospel of Matthew where the genealogy was reported to have started with Abraham, with the list containing his descendants down to David and of course, Yeshua. The gospel of Luke started the genealogy from Yeshua, with the line having David, all the way to Adam and then God.

A different list of descending ancestral fathers from David down to Yeshua exists between both gospels as highlighted above. “Five Mothers of Glory” is a novel containing five different love stories that illustrate the ancestry of Yeshua. “Five Mothers of Glory” contain stories of five of the women named in Yeshua’s lineage, which further answers the questions of how and why God chose them to become Five Mothers of Glory.

This is done to clarify the conflicting list of descendants and reiterate the correctness of the Bible, especially as many non-believers seem to be hammering on the difference in narration. “In addition to Mary, there are only five women listed in the ancestry of Yeshua back to Judah. This novel tells the story of all five of these women and how they became an ancestor of the Messiah,” says Dr. Robert J Medford

The fictional novel goes into the historical facts behind the somewhat difference in the lists of ancestors, explaining the complete and true ancestry of Yeshua Ben-Yahweh. The book also addresses the controversy surrounding the social or moral level of women back in the days, and how it affected the lineage of the Son of God.

The Kindle Edition of the book is available on Amazon for just $11.33. Copies of the book can also be purchased at regular bookstores, Apple iTunes store, and other such outlets. A synopsis of the book is also available on YouTube to give interested persons a feel of what to expect from “Five Mothers of Glory”.

About Dr. Robert J. Medford

Dr. Robert J. Medford is a retired US Army, a writer, researcher, historian and genealogist. After serving his nation as an Army and retiring in 1989, Robert started his journey into the world of research and writing. He has currently researched, compiled and published over 30 books on various subjects including family histories, genealogical research, How to do family research and three books on Church History.

His popular books include “The Human Experience,” “Bondservants of God: What We Believe“ and “Five Mothers of Glory.” Dr. Robert has been able to establish himself as an authority in genealogy and this is evident in his book releases.

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