Colton’s Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream is live on Amazon at a discount

Author of the popular Colton’s Pocket Dragon series, Rebecca Massey, takes paperback format of the 8th edition of the book, Colton’s Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream to Amazon at a discount.

Fictional writer and author of the popular Colton’s Pocket Dragon series, has announced the release of the 8th edition of the book series, Colton’s Pocket Dragon Book 8: The Dream. The book is currently available on Amazon, allowing lovers of fiction and adventure across the globe have a piece of the beautifully crafted story that features Colton and his adventures with his friends.

The story of Colton, his dragon, Kolta and his adventures with his friends can be traced back to the first book in the series that chronicled how Colton discovered an egg in his pocket, which was later revealed to be an amazing animal – a dragon. The children’s book series details the adventures of Colton and his newly found best friend, helping to children and lovers of fiction in general to some fun and exciting stories.

Colton has always wanted to have something different from his somewhat long boring days and the 10-year old probably got more than he bargained for with the discovery of an egg, which hatched and was revealed to be a dragon. The story and adventures of Colton goes on in latter editions of the book and the 8th chronicled Colton in dreamland with the dragon and other friends.

Colton and his secret friend travelled to Dragon Land in the first book and the story continued in the 8th edition featured Colton and his pocket dragon in “dreamland,” as part of the revelation of whether Colton returns to his world with the dragon and if his new best friend, Kolta, will stay with Colton or fly back to Dragon Land.

The book series explore the importance of bravery, friendship and imagination. The previous editions of the series have been making headlines, with readers of all ages and gender testifying to the creativity behind the story. “We bought a copy of your book a couple of weeks ago and both of my boys (Jack – 4 and Will -2) have really enjoyed it.  Will loves the pictures! Keep up the great work. I hope all is well
with you and Leonard. Talk to you soon,” says Matt, Columbus, Ohio.

Renita Kuehner of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine has also stated the simplicity and creativity of the book in her review.

The 10th, 11th and 12th editions in the series are scheduled to be released soon, continuing Rebecca’s mission of thrilling her fans with adventurous stories.

The book series can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Gilbert.

About Rebecca Massey

Rebecca Massey is a resident of Arizona and the author of the popular Colton’s Pocket Dragon series. She has been able to thrill lovers of fictions with her several writing projects, one of which is the new adventures for Colton and his many friends.

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