Sitz Bath Essentials announces the launch of its new product Sitz Bath Soak

New cosmetic brand from Onesta Company, Sitz Bath Essentials, launches new body soak, Sitz Bath Soak for effective treatment of itching hemorrhoids and dry skin

Sitz Bath Essentials is a cosmetics brand recently launched by Onesta Company, a popular family-owned business that makes safe products for moms-to-be and the whole family. The newly launched brand recently announced the release of its first product, the Sitz Bath Soak.

The Sitz Bath Soak is the first of many products from the brand, with the product designed to ensure hemorrhoid relief, thanks to its healthy and safe herbal ingredients. Some of the ingredients using in making the Sitz Bath Soak include Lavender Oil Epsom Salt and Organic Coconut Oil, with the relieving features of the ingredients helping to ease discomfort from irritated stitches from perineal tears and episiotomy.

The product has been described as the doctors’ favorite, as it has been recommended by expert health practitioners across the globe to thoroughly clean and disinfect damaged tissues from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, cysts and Bartholin abscess. The product is also reputed to lubricate and coat the perineum area; works quickly to calm, repair and heal inflammation.

The soak bath is also reported to be an amazing postpartum care product. As a quick dissolving formula, the Sitz Bath Soak works fast, soothing bruised perineum muscles and tender bottoms. Helping to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms, the herbal bath salts is reported to provide fast relief from pain, burning, swelling, bleeding, and itching hemorrhoids. It is also said to work long after treatment to shrink sore piles, one of its unique features compared to its competitors.

The product is also safe for pregnant women, allowing them to enjoy a safe bath even while carrying their bundle of joy. The Sitz Bath Soak transports women to tranquility with its luxurious and therapeutic body feature every woman deserves. Helping to rejuvenate dry and itchy skin while reducing aches and pains, the bath soak is also made with calming lavender essential oil to enhance better sleep.

The product is currently available on Amazon and has already been receiving accolades from thousands of customers across the globe. “Only thing that helped my hemorrhoids. I was having severe pain and this stuff saved me! Absolutely LOVE it! Smells wonderful!! Will definitely buy again!” Lynda S, verified Amazon buyer.

Sitz Bath Essentials is also offering a 30 percent discount on the product, accessible via the company website.

Sitz Bath Essential has also announced plans to release some other products, all made with natural herbal ingredients to ensure safe and healthy skin care solutions for its customers across the globe.

About Sitz Bath Essentials

Sitz Bath Essentials is a brand by family-owned manufacturer of safe products for moms-to-be and the whole family, Onesta Company. The brand offers skin care solutions and recently announced the launch of its Sitz Bath Soak, with other products set to follow.

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