Avalon is Inviting Investments in Its Initial Coin Offering to Reshape The Trends of Online Lending

The Private Investment Company is Backed by The 4,000,000 USD Investments by The HSBC Bank & It Has Now Opened Its ICO Worldwide

September 26, 2017 – Avalon Capital Group, Inc. has announced that it is inviting investors from around the world to make investments in its initial coin offering. With a well-established base of research, development and operations, the company is introducing cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings as a new way of transaction for its valued customers. In addition, the rising private investment company is backed by HSBC bank with 4,000,000 USD investment already.

“Our technology is revolutionary and we are offering blockchain based to meet the increasing requirements of today’s cryptocurrency dominated global economy,” said Aaron Freddie, the Owner of Avalon. “We are therefore welcoming everyone to participate in our ICO initial coin offering because we understand and realize that cryptocurrency is the future of trade and transactions,” he added. 

Avalon Capital Group investments represent diverse interests in real estate, technology, health care, finance, and entertainment. Therefore, the coins offered in this initial offering will cover a wide range of industries instead of being limited to just one. This blockchain based crypto lending model will open new possibilities of lending money online safely and easily. Furthermore, this decentralized peer to peer lending platform will enable anyone to lend and borrow money is a safe and secure environment online.

According to Mr. Freddie, the company’s primary goal is to build a globally accessible digital currency lending network in which any individual with internet access can quickly and practically take out a loan. This vision will revolutionize the way people invest money in today’s world. This will also reshape the way people lend money online and is going to be a win-win situation for all the stakeholders. The sizeable investment of 4,000,000 USD by the HSBC Bank will also motivate new investors to take part in this initial coin offering and will make sure that their investment is secure and fruitful.

For more information, please visit: ico.avalonchain.com or contact via email: hello@avalonchain.com

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Company Name: Avalon Capital Group, Inc.
Contact Person: Aaron Freddie
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Country: United Kingdom
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