Incident Response Management is Key to Security Success

The main reason why incident response management is necessary is that emergencies don’t come knocking on the door. Everything might not be an emergency, but anything could take the shape of one. Thus, implementing incident triage successfully in your company is vital. Organizations and businesses can sometimes experience an information security breach. Very often, they are not prepared for these, and it becomes difficult to discern the reason and the effects of it.

Investing in processes and policies that prepare an organization for these incidents, can assist in improving resilience, continuing the business activity, enhance the trust of stakeholders and customers and reduce the scope of monetary loss. Effective assessment of the incident allows an organization to know about the corrective measures to follow for that problem. This means that it is imperative for an organization to know about the diverse types of security incidents, how a security compromise could unfold, and the right response to tackle the breach. PagerDuty helps people and organizations deal with such incidents.

Some incidents tend to affect an organization more than the others, thus identifying them will help the organization formulate a proper strategy which is custom made for these more likely attacks. These include an attempt to get unauthorized access to a system, modification of a system or software without permission or denial of service. To find more about the vulnerabilities of a system, there should be a proper review of the system and the network itself.

The organization should learn, how different parts of their network communicate. On observing what is ‘normal’ for the organization’s operations, a baseline should be figured out. Any deviations or anomalies to this baseline behavior could indicate malicious activity or intrusion. While some people believe that putting up alerts to make users aware of attack works well, experts suggest that following the path of attackers can provide better triage for these attacks.

Organizations should also be cognizant of the fact that not all threats are real – some could be a result of a malfunctioning system in the network but minimizing them can save time and resources. There are several companies which help people in streamlining this process and training them. DevOps Agile Skills Association is one such organization which assists individuals and organizations in developing the skills they need for preparing themselves for incident response management.

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