An Emerging Hair & Skincare Company Will Bring The Women\’s Gold Straight From Africa

The Inspiring Initiative Will Create Major Social Impacts & Will Bring Empowerment & Prosperity to a Small Remote Village in Northwest Ghana

September 26, 2017 – A rising beauty brand, Espoir Shea has proudly announced that it will be launching its online store for hair and skincare products on Saturday, September 30th 2017. The company will offer a collection of skin and hair care products based on the renowned unrefined Shea Butter from Africa. The products offered by this rising beauty brand are inspired by the centuries old remedies that were created and perfected by skilled African women. In addition, the Shea Butter used by the company is going to be 100% naturally and traditionally crafted.

“Our company is based on the principles of cooperation by giving paid jobs to the people in this region and this initiative will create a major social impact in these areas.” said Nell Paye, the Cofounder and Executive Director of Espoir Shea while talking about the company. “Each product contains gentle, active, all-natural and nourishing ingredients which are carefully chosen for their quality and recognized natural benefits.” she added. Nell has Cofounded this inspiring initiative to empower and honor artisan African women around West Africa. According to Nell, the company is also using the income generated from these sales to build a school and complete other community development projects.

“Our goal is to sell 2000 jars and 30 wholesale orders, between now and December, so that we can complete the school, furnished it and pay for a new teacher.” said Nell Paye while talking about the social impact of the income generated by these products. Shea Butter that is also known as ‘Women’s Gold’, the company is also dedicated to an inspiring cause of giving back to the community. Therefore, every purchase made from the website will play a major role in helping these amazing women achieve financial stability and self-sustainable as well as incite socioeconomic mobility within their community. Moreover, the website also features an informative blog that will give authentic beauty tips and natural remedies to the women around the world.

Shea Butter that is also known as Women’s Gold is a crown jewel of ancient African culture. With endless benefits for hair and skincare, the butter is known for its rich golden color and magical properties of enhancing beauty naturally. Furthermore, the process of extracting this butter is a source of income for millions of women in these rural areas of Africa and unlike most beauty brands, these cruelty free products will be welcomed more wholeheartedly by women around the world.

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