\”Back to Nature & Breathing\” The Ultimate Handbook For a Happy & Natural Life is Now Available on Amazon

Based on The Basic Elements of Philosophy of Life of Vietnamese Ancestors, The Book Will Influence Many Lives Around The World

Westminster, CA, USA – September 26, 2017 – Hoan Nhien Inc. has proudly announced that they have published an all new book by its Vice President Nhu Nguyen. The book is titled ‘Back to Nature & Breathing’ and it is now available online on Amazon bestseller. The book is an inspiring and healthy read that is suitable for all those who are breathing and at a healthy level to be able to use the conscious breathing for the training. Moreover, it is a handbook bearing the ultimate dream of its author that is to enable humans in escaping the pain of illnesses and depression for a happy and healthy life.

“The ‘Back to Nature’ not only guided me to be a totally recovered person from almost a break-down point in my physical and mental condition, but also show me the truth in life with a clear experience of the amazing relationship between Humanity and Nature.” said Nhu Nguyen, the author of this book and the Vice President of Hoan Nhien Inc. While talking about the book. “You can find this book as a tool if you put some effort to practice it on a daily basis. You will make miracles to your physical and spiritual.” Back To Nature Master added. The book is a number one bestseller on Amazon and it is already getting a phenomenal response worldwide.

According to the author, this book is her answer to the illnesses and depressions that prevent humans to be happy at all times. The company’s name, i.e. ‘Hoan Nhien’ is literally the Vietnamese translation of the words ‘Back to Nature’. The book is all about the subjects of nature, natural energies, breathing method, healing, happiness, spiritual, etc.

From breathing techniques to exercises and movements, the book covers several important topics on various levels. Moreover, heaven, human and earth are the basic elements of the philosophy of life of Vietnamese Ancestors and this book is all about their meaning and importance in the real life. Hoan Nhien Inc. is a non-profit organization with EIN# 46-3740615 and its mission is to help community restore and improve health by practicing natural methods.

For more information, please visit:www.naturebreathing.com Or email at:nhunguyen@naturebreathing.com

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