Litra Blockchain Launches Early Access App: UPPA

Early bird users to receive free health care record access, plus free crypto-currency for spending

CUPERTINO, Calif. – UPPA, a mobile-based health care service company designed to revolution health care costs and management as we know it, today announced they have launched their early access signup website, accessible through the UPPA mobile app. This groundbreaking early access will offer users free up-to-date health record, as well as Litra coins, a crypto-currency, to spend in its unique ecosystem. 

Built atop the Litra Blockchain, a free blockchain that connects all healthcare institutions together without needing to change or buy new EHR/EMR systems, UPPA is introducing a seamless technological base to the vast health care industry and information. 

“Our goal here is to free up health and medical data at the consumer level,” said Mu Amos, CEO of UPPA. “Up until now, this critical information was kept from people, preventing them from making informed decisions on behalf of their own personal health. We don’t agree with the gatekeeping of health-related information. We want people to have free access to their heath and medical data on their smartphones in the same way that we can check banking information or weather updates.” 

UPPA is poised to replace 16 healthcare apps and platforms with one streamlined, unified solution. The app will be available for download in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. 

“With the Litra Blockchain, we have created patient-centric care coordination,” said Amos. “Consider it a universal database, or a global system of health records for the entire industry. Most notably, it’s accessible for free to all customers.“ 

About UPPA is a mobile-first healthcare solution offering free access to healthcare records from one mobile application. The new system is aiming to replace 16 healthcare apps and platforms with one streamlined solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Using the Litra Blockchain, UPPA is decentralized healthcare, adding trust and transparency to the process. 

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