Invest Like The Street Offers Scholarship For Students Pursuing Competitive Finance Careers Or Looking To Become An Investment Banker

26 Sep, 2017 – Invest Like The Street is happy to announce a bi-yearly, $1,000 scholarship for students looking to become an investment banker or purse an analyst role at venture capital firms, private equity firms or hedge funds.

Invest Like The Street, and its well known Analyst Program, has helped thousands of student break into their dream careers by providing real world experience and work to help them stand out through the competitive hiring process. The program covers areas such as financial modeling, valuation, financial analysis, how to research stocks / pitch stocks, financial accounting, business analysis, etc. The Invest Like The Street Analyst Program also provides 1 on 1 personalized instruction for each student.

To learn more about the Invest Like The Street Analyst Program, head to

Additionally, Invest Like The Street offers students personalized career advice to help best position themselves to get into the career they want. They offer guides on resume tricks, learning to become an investment banker, investment banking cover letters, how to pitch a stock, and much more. For more information investment banking, check out their guide here:

About Invest Like The Street

Invest Like The Street aims to impart real world education to the students across the globe to help them find a place in the highly competitive job opportunities in the finance arena.

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