New Book By Andrew Hackett Becomes Instant Number One International Bestseller

Andrew Hackett, author, teacher and seminar leader, recently landed on several Amazon bestsellers lists with the publication of his first book.

In his new book, Free From Fear: Understanding Fear’s Control Over Your Life and Why Loving It Will Set You Free, Andrew Hackett shows people how to confront the fears in their lives that hold them back from achieving their ultimate potential.

By the end of the first day of its release on, Free From Fear was already a certified bestseller, taking several number one spots in both Australia and the United States. Hackett’s book also achieved the #1 position on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Philosophy. These results were verified by Amazon on September 14, 2017.

“I am so grateful for my family and friends who have supported me,” Hackett said “I do hope this book shows people that great things are not only possible, but they are already happening within each and every one of us. Collectively we already have the power to save the world.”

For Hackett, sharing some of the personal aspects of his life was a difficult, but important, part of helping others see what is possible. “I believe that with the right guidance, and with a bit of courage to look at things in a different way, the point where you master your fears will become the most incredible experience of your life, producing such extraordinary happiness and joy that you will want to share it with the world – just as I am doing with you right now.”

Andrew Hackett has more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations and move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business, and relationships.

Free From Fear by Andrew Hackett is published by Holland House Publishing, New York and is available in digital and paperback versions. For more information about the book, or to find out about other products and services available from Andrew Hackett, visit

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