Ahyanah Mincy’s Blog Showcases on the Achievements of Black Business Women

Highlighting an activity and providing it with the right attention it deserves is one of the fundamental ways one can help influence the rise of said activity. This is exactly what Ahyanah Mincy set out to do when she first started her blog on powerful women in business.

A student in Saint Peter’s University, Ahyanah is majoring in Business Management, and is intensely passionate about business in general. Her blog on onmogul.com became a viral sensation when it verified on the site, something that only happens to about 5000 members.

Ahyanah uses her OnMogul blog to not only giver her perspective on certain topics, but also highlight the true stories of black business women who combatted the racial and gender-based discriminatory thoughts that plagued them, but instead managed to succeed and advance further in the business world despite of them.

Black women are the entrepreneurial group in America that are growing at the fastest rate, however despite this, their stories are hardly ever told. Thus, Ahyanah uses her blow to showcase the stories, journeys and achievements of these incredibly powerful and influential women.

Ahyanah’s blog has been getting an increasingly high amount of viewers recently, which indicates that her thoughts and writing style definitely resonates with multiple women of the current generation who feel like they are at a natural disadvantage as a result of their race or gender.

The true stories that have been told on Ahyanah’s blog are like torches that guide the spirits of the women who wish to start their own businesses and are in need of inspiration and motivation. It just takes willpower and a desire to achieve, and that is something that was common in all of the great women highlighted on Ahyanah’s blog.

That said, one important lesson that Ahyanah hopes to transfer to her readers is that they too can become just like the women she writes about, it is just they should remain determined and face their challenges without fear of failure.

About AhyanahMincy.com:

AhyanahMincy.com is the official website of Ahyanah Mincy, a Saint Peter’s University student who received the honor of being the owner of a verified OnMogul blog, something only 5000 people have achieved in the past.

On her blog she writes about the real stories, struggles and achievements of black business women as they faced a world of challenges but came out victorious on the other side.

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