Modern Living with kathy ireland®: See How Jerome Alexander Cosmetics Are Giving Women Access to Name Brand Quality Makeup at a Fraction of the Cost

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(LOS ANGELES, September 26, 2017) — Modern Living with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring Jerome Alexander of Jerome Alexander Cosmetics.

“At the beginning of the show, Kathy opens with a great point: Cosmetics don’t have to be expensive to be effective. That’s where our guest Jerome Alexander and his line of cosmetics named Jerome Alexander Cosmetics comes into play. He explains more about his cosmetic line and why he is so passionate about helping women gain access to effective cosmetics without suffering sticker shock.” Vice President of Programming JL Haber

The Most Basic Purpose of Cosmetics:

Jerome explains that the most basic purpose of makeup of any kind is to correct an imperfection. Correction is the name of the game. Women use mascara to correct thin eyelashes, lipstick is used to enhance lips, perhaps hiding the fact that the lips are thinning, dull lifeless skin is given color and much more all through cosmetics.

How Jerome Alexander Cosmetics Compare to Pricier Options:

The Magic Minerals line in the collection is absolutely loved by women. They find these products, as well as the others in the line, to be even more effective than other more expensive brands. This is especially true when it comes to the corrective coverage experienced in the products by Jerome Alexander Cosmetics.

The Man Behind The Makeup: More About Jerome Alexander:

Jerome Alexander approached the creation of his cosmetic line from a unique perspective, one of a celebrity makeup artist. For over 50 years, he has brought professional beauty products into the homes of women around the globe. His passion for helping women look their best was the impetus behind the creation of his various product lines.

Find Jerome Alexander Cosmetics Virtually Anywhere:

You can find these products on Amazon as well as in the “As Seen on TV” Aisle at over 35,000 major retailers that include stores like CVS, Riteaid and Walgreens just to name a few. Hardy Nutritionals® works with forward-thinking researchers who study how technology enhanced micronutrient products can help to improve various treatment modalities that are already in use today.

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