Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®: See How Ranpak is Achieving Excellence in Packaging Options For the E-commerce Industry

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Los Angeles, CA – September 26, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview featuring Ranpak. Due to the booming e-commerce industry, we all can enjoy the convenience of purchasing a product and have it show up later in the mail or on our doorstep. However, one aspect of the process that is often overlooked, even though it is vitally important, is the packaging element.

How Ranpak is Changing The Way Packaging is Approached:

Misha Riveros, Vice President of Marketing & Product Development at Ranpak explains the importance of packaging when it comes to a positive e-commerce experience. “Packaging is the first thing you see but the last think on your mind.” She goes on to explain that the way we all purchase items has shifted in the last few years away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to our computer screens or cell phones. This means businesses have to consider the way their products arrive, per the packaging, in the same way they might have thought about how to display their product within a traditional store in years past.

Why Packaging is so Important:

Packaging is no longer simply a way that products move from the distribution center to a customer’s home. It is instead part of the overall branding experience. This shift in the way products are purchased makes Ranpak’s services vital in today’s competitive e-commerce market.

“Ranpak Corp. is emphasizing the focus on packaging for today’s e-commerce purchases. We are happy to have two representatives from the company share how Ranpak has worked to ensure businesses are able to consistently offer optimal packaging options that will provide their customers with a pleasant buying experience they will come to depend upon. We are excited to learn more about this company.” Vice President of Programming JL Haber

How Ranpak Works to Create Positive E-commerce Purchasing Experiences:

Rankpak tailors their packaging services and products to businesses’ needs, ensuring their packing operation works smoothly and that the businesses’ products arrive safely at their destination.

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