Extremist Supply Co. asks Education Department to buy belts to beat children

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – 27 Sep, 2017 – Extremist Supply Company announces the opening of their display at ArtPrize9 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Extremist Supply Company will use ArtPrize9, a DeVos family funded art project, as a vehicle for discussion directly with the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

Extremist Supply Company, is a parody website that portrays the attitudes and beliefs of many Fundamentalist Christians.  These beliefs include Corporal Punishment as a good practice which is condoned by the Bible and endorsed by God.  The Extremist Supply Company satirizes this belief by displaying Fundamentalismtm Belts, to beat children.

The Artist, and ArtPrize9 participant, Daniel Vander Ley, has spent the last two weeks on the road traveling to Kansas and Tennessee to confront legislators about their use of corporal punishment (spanking) in the classrooms of our public schools.  31 States, including the Secretary of Education’s home state of Michigan, have outlawed this practice. Their Decisions, over 25 years ago, were based on countless research articles stating that Corporal Punishment is a danger to children and the communal welfare. The National Institute of Health hosts an exhaustive archive of research showing correlations between Corporal Punishment and: Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Anxiety Disorders, Lower Wages, Lower Educational Obtainment, future Wife Beating, and increased Drug Use and Alcoholism. This research is available to everyone in the world … free of charge. Regardless of the research, 19 states still use corporal punishment in Public Schools, although the health consequences of these hitting sessions have been well-studied.

Extremist Supply Company today announces a public request for the Secretary of Education and the Department of Education to open a RFQ for uniform corporal punishment instruments to beat America’s school children.  The Extremist Supply Company will be submitting a bid, and will be hopeful to win a contract to cover the roughly 200,000 spanking sessions per year across the United States.

You can follow the conversation between Vander Ley and Secretary DeVos at:

GrandRapidsValues.Com   (where Daniel Vander Ley has a  little chat about Grand Rapids Values)

GrandRapidsDecision.Com  (where Daniel Vander Ley will post the Secretary of Education’s Decision on Ending Corporal Punishment in American Schools).

You can see Extremist Supply Company (ESC), live at ArtPrize9 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. ESC is graciously hosted by Zoko822, located at the corners of Ionia Ave. NW and Newberry St. NW, open 11am – 6pm most days.

Full Text of Extremist Supply Company’s Letter to Secretary DeVos:

Dear Secretary DeVos,

I am honored to write to you today.  As a small business owner, I was hoping to ascertain your need for my company’s discipline products. I write to offer you corporal punishment products from our newest line, Fundamentalismtm.  I am pleased to offer our Fundamentalismtm Belts, which have been pretested for quality and performance.

I write today in hopes that the Education Department will open a RFQ and give a small business the chance to supply our American education system with uniform corporal punishment implements. As the Secretary of Education, you are aware that your organization oversees roughly 200,000 spanking sessions per year,  This makes the Department of Education one of the top spankers in the world. What’s even worse, these sessions are disproportionately targeted at children with disabilities and the minority population.

Extremist Supply Co. is honored to be considered to have our Fundamentalismtm Belts used as the only corporal punishment tool of the United States education system.

I have enclosed a sample, #1 of 100 of a limited run, for your evaluation. I request that you sample the quality of our Fundamentalismtm Belt personally, in the field. States where corporal punishment is practiced on a regular basis are:  WY, MO, KY, AR, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, OK, AZ, TX, ID, SD, CO, KS, IN.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to host you for a conversation at our ArtPrize Nine booth located at Ionia Ave. & Newberry St.    You can always visit us online at www.ExtremistSupply.Co  

We look forward to a definitive statement from you on our Grand Rapids Values before the end of ArtPrize9.

Thank you and kind regards,

 – Daniel Vander Ley

“ESC” ArtPrize Nine, 2017 

Video Link: https://youtu.be/h5Haqzm__fA

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