MAG Bearing Produces Cylindrical Roller Bearing & Deep Groove Ball Bearing With Quality Raw Materials

MAG Bearing is a company located in Shanghai, China. It is involved in the distribution of a large variety of industrial bearing units. The company was established in the year of 1992, since then it has grown to be one of the well-recognized companies in its field.

The rapid growth of industries in almost all parts of the world can be accredited for the simultaneous development that has taken over the world market by a storm. These progressive changes would not have been possible without the contribution of the industries to the economy. Industries are responsible for the production of commodities and services in bulk. This allows a large number of people to avail of the goods and services offered by the company. Thus, in many respects the industries can be thought of as the harbingers of development. Proper and efficient production services by the industrial units are essential for high profits. Profit yielding production can only be possible if the units that make up the industries work efficiently.

MAG Bearing Produces Cylindrical Roller Bearing & Deep Groove Ball Bearing With Quality Raw Materials 

MAG Bearing is a company that is involved in the distribution of a wide variety of bearing units used in various industries in different countries around the world. The company produces Cylindrical Roller Bearings that belong to the N22 Series produced by the company. These bearing are separable and easy to mount and dismount. The most commonly used cylindrical roller bearings have a cage. They can be divided into single row, double row or multi-row cylindrical roller bearing. These are suitable for high speeds because of their high radial load carrying capacity.

The company also offers a range of Deep Groove Ball Bearings from its RLS/N, ZNR, NR series. They are non-separable bearings that are widely used.  They can operate at high speeds and do not require much maintenance or attention. There is a deep groove raceway between the inner and outer ring of the single deep groove ball bearing. They are used to carry radial and partial axial loads in two directions. Increase of radial clearance allows it to carry heavy axial loads. It can also be used to function in place of high speed angular contact ball bearings.

MAG Bearing also produces Flange bearings among other types of bearing units distributed by the company. The company provides quality services to its customers by using good quality raw material for the production. The company has an experience of 25 years which ensures that it will always try to obtain high customer satisfaction. Moreover, the company invests in its research and development sector to keep up with the latest advancements in the field of technology and provide its customers with the latest products.

About MAG Bearing:

MAG Bearing is an international distributor of bearing equipment. The bearings produced by the company are used in some industries such as mining, oil, port, water conservancy, steel mill, paper making, heavy-duty engineering, chemical plant, etc. To make a purchase or know more about the companies please visit their official website.

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