SANCHAIN World Tour (Singapore): Blockchain’s current state and future

On the afternoon of September 23, 2017, SANCHAIN and Xwapp, a Singaporean finance company, organized a global seminar titled “Blockchain’s current state and future”. It attracted over 50 investors, developers, and enthusiasts.


SANCHAIN is an Australia based Blockchain company. Its mission is to create a one-of-a-kind Blockchain ecosystem. It provides a simultaneous peer system that perfects the multi-eco value network. It aims to change the future just like the internet once did since its advent. Xwapp is a Singaporean finance company. Its mission is to use the new Blockchain technology to provide financial services for Southeast Asia, thus increasing investment efficiency and lowering costs.

The Singapore seminar included guest speakers from Xwapp – Naren Rajasekaran and Brandon Wong. Naren Rajasekaran worked for Amazon before becoming the product manager at Xwapp. He is currently responsible for the company’s Blockchain development. Brandon Wong has a rich history in finance from his many years working in banks. He is Xwapp’s analyst. He shares information and ideas from an accoutant’s perspective.

This Singapore seminar includes guest speakers, Q & A, tea breaks, and other segments. First, we introduce Blockchain technology’s state in Singapore as well as its potential. Second, we discussed how Blockchain can help start-up companies and how to start a Blockchain project. We also used SANCHAIN and Xwapp as explains for concrete methods of approach. Lastly, we talked about the future of Blockchain and how it will be greater than just a platform for digital currency – a platform for medical care, real-estate, copyright protection, finance, and legal matters.

Finally, Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will change the landscape of business transactions as well as the lives of everyone on earth. Therefore, SANCHAIN await and invite future collaborators, investors, creators, developers to come together in this multi-ecosystem and create a world that’s safe and trustworthy!

 – B20 Community

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