Based on a true story, starring fighting legend Mike Tyson and action star Steven Seagal.

Los Angeles, CA – September 27, 2017 –

“I am a China salesman.”

TriCoast Worldwide is excited to announce their new collaboration with Chinese company, Golden God Video & Culture Company, to represent Tan Bing’s 20 million dollar action-packed film “CHINA SALESMAN” to the world outside of China.

Negotiations were conducted by Marcy Levitas Hamilton for TriCoast Worldwide and translated by TriCoast Worldwide’s Hengqing “Kat” Pan.

From Left to Right: Xuan Miao, Director Tan Bing, Strath Hamilton, and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

Based on a true story, “CHINA SALESMAN” is about Yan Jian (Dong Xue Li), a young, highly skilled IT Chinese engineer who travels to North Africa to compete nationwide against other countries’ technology companies, determining which country has the best technology to help rebuild the locals’ communications systems between the north and the south. 

While Yan Jian arrives in North Africa, striving to truly help the locals, he discovers that not every country has the same goal.

Yan Jian uncovers the conspiracy of the French spy, Michael, who was given the task to win the competition, but surreptitiously as a means to have ultimate control over the mineral resources in Africa. To accomplish this, Michael hires the great mercenary, Lauder (Steven Seagal), and former general, Kabbah (Mike Tyson). 

Will Yan Jian have the power to stop these powerful men?

“CHINA SALESMAN” has an all-star, distinct cast including the lead of Dong Xue Li(“Sacrifice”, “The Wonderful Wedding”), Eriq Ebouaney (“Hitman”, “Transporter 3”), Steven Seagal (“Above the Law”, “Under Siege”) and former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson (“Rocky Balboa”, “The Hangover”).

The film, budgeted at $20 million USD, was successfully released in China in May and will be coming to enthusiastic US audiences in 2018. When the trailer was first introduced in June, it quickly collected over 1,300,000 views, with fans messaging their excitement to see the spectacular SEAGAL / TYSON fight on the screen.

TriCoast Worldwide’s relationship with these Chinese filmmakers has been extremely successful, as we are excited to announce our next collaboration with director, Tan Bing for “FATAL CONTRACT”.

“Distributors may have to re-title the film China Salesman for the USA – but I have to tell you, the fight scene between Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal is one of the most extraordinary fight scenes in cinema history, The spectacular hand to hand combat between Seagal and Tyson is a mixture of styles, attitude and devastating blows. The entire movie has huge spectacular action sequences that Director Tan Bing is known for.” – Strath Hamilton, CEO of TriCoast Worldwide.

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